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A journal of my acheivements, goals and struggles of being a parent with ADD of an ADHD child along with a homemaker and wife. People take such things as organization and completion of normal daily tasks for granted when those who are struggling just want the simple things life has to offer us each day.
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Infuriated with youngsters teacher, give him a break he is 5yrs old WTF!

Posted 10-13-08 at 07:00 PM by Veggymel
It has been more than a few hours since this latest incident has pushed me over my boiling point. Here is what I posted in the threads on the actual board.

As if I don't have enough on my plate with recently being diagnosed myself with Adult ADD. I was already aware since age 7 that my oldest, now 13 yrs old has ADD which has caused countless issues in school and other social settings. Anyhow, back to my VENT LOL..... My husband and I strongly suspect that our 5 year old may also be having some attention and distraction problems which exceed the normal child - in addition he cannot sit still and has trouble sleeping throuh the night on a daily basis. He was difficult to potty train, and has other delayed milestones that I wouldnt consider completely concerning (like cutting with scissors, coloring inside lines, and other minor things). He has been in a special education program since early childhood at which time he was deemed "developmentally delayed" and he was diagnosed with a "early development delay". Now, I would like to add that I ALWAYS have been very open to improvements for my childrens well-being including medication for my oldest as well as socially approriate(and comfortable) activities for both of them to belong to. With that being said, I never felt that my youngest had a significant problem with learning or development outside of talking/speaking/creating sentences. Talking and forming several word sentences was my main reason for having him evaluted in the first place. Ever since that time I have basically gone along with program because my whole theory has been: how can it hurt? free education can only make him do better, and the evaluators and special therapy team knows what they are doing and probably know best for him. The last 3 yrs (this is the third school season) he has had a VERY difficult special education classroom teacher. She continuously has negative feedback to relay instead of the positive, she has said things that I feel should not be said to a child inside of the classroom setting (like today he came home very sad and told me "Mrs. xxx told me dont come back tomorrow". My child is not a sad child (he is like me and loves life) and he would never make something like this up. He looked like he wanted to start crying when I asked him what he said to her, and he told me he said "nothing". I am absolutely FUMING mad about this incident. She has on several occasions told me my child is difficult in class, refuses to do work, is very distracted,etc. I have often told her that he behaves the same way at home and we do our best with schedules and organization to improve his productivity and willingness to learn. Last school season is when she started with the negativity directly relayed to him. There was one day I recall him being picked upby my father-in-law from school (I had an appointment I think) and when I got to the house to pick him up my mother-in-law said "Ask XXXXX what he did at school today"? He immediately became very sad looking and said "I popped a ball at school". Of course I wanted to know how that happened, and was informed that when my son found a THUMBTACK in the classroom at school, he went and popped the ball with it (JUST AS ANY CURIOUS 4yr OLD WOULD I AM POSITIVE). I immediately responded with, "where did he get a thumbtack in the first place". Most people would respond that way. I was also informed she made my son feel really bad about doing it and told him that because he did that now none of the kids would have a ball anymore to play with. Is that something you say to a 4yr old?? Shouldn't she be more concerned about leaving thumbtacks in the toy area!!!?? WTF! So I let that one go because I easily get upset when it comes to my kids and figured it was a one time incident and I assured myself I would do something if it ever happened again. Later last year, he comes home and says "Mrs XXX said you give me sugar". WTF!? Again, not appropriate to say directly to a child. It was about this same time last year she started phoning me at home(I work from my home office)/work telling me "Im looking at XXXXX and he refuses to complete his work and I told him that if he doesnt do the work he cannot come to the classroom" - I agreed with her at that time and told her I would discuss it with him that evening. So, he agreed that he would listen as much as he could (I would never ask my kids to do something they are not capable of) and he displayed enthusiasm about attending class and did not want to stop attending - he loves school. Several times since I have received calls of the same type. What does she honestly expect me to do when he is there with her in class? I mean, do NOT tell me she never had a difficult child in her 20 years of teaching and that my son is the WORST ever (I would never believe that). At this point I am extremely frustrated over all of this and his comment to me today about her telling him not to come back has pushed me over the top. I phoned the superintendent and the principal (after school hours because son gets bussed and was later than school staff is in) asking them to call me and I would like to meet with them to discuss these issues.

PLEASE tell me someone else has dealt with this? Am I wrong to be SOOOOOOO ANGRY with her right now? Im infuriated. You just do not say those types of things to a child right? I mean ESPECIALLY in a special education class GRRRRRRR!

I am just livid and really considering going first thing in the morning to see the principal. I am not sure if I should do that because I am so damn mad. What would you do?
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    abouseif's Avatar
    Hi, I am an adult with ADHD an my three year old son has it too, and I understand your status with this.
    do not lose your temper with the system it will break you. Work with your son on some politics, this teacher got herself the wrong job this a job for caring loving people with a big heart that want to make a difference in a child's life. tale your son that you want hem to be the best kid in class and that he is smarter than every body and all he has to do is show it to this retarded teacher that is too lazy to focus and pay attention to the kids in her class, and next time tries to abuse him like this to say to her in a calm manor " I am a special child with special needs I have ADHD that requires your attention and focus please be nice to me I am only 5 years old".

    And this is very important, it will help him a lot if you get him in some complicated martial arts like JU-JITSU.
    And if this does not stop, have him moved to another class. Good luck.
    Posted 10-15-08 at 02:04 AM by abouseif abouseif is offline
  2. Old
    your child looks at you for just about everything and i think it would only be right for you to stand up for his rights and needs as no one will if you dont my dear
    special children with special needs have special moms and dads that care and make a stand for them .

    my son is 6 and has gdd and adhd and i am like the mother from hell if anything gose wrong coz he has no speach The understanding with his school / doctor is simple he needs help and they are ther to give it
    if they cant do the job they need to be replaced .
    Posted 10-19-08 at 03:44 PM by willow-uk willow-uk is offline
  3. Old
    ginniebean's Avatar
    grrrr. I still have flashbacks... all I can say is be as constructive as you can be, I wanted to drive my van right into the office. I had a similar experience. I moved my children.
    Posted 01-01-09 at 02:18 AM by ginniebean ginniebean is offline
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