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Garbage Pail Kids stale gum.

Posted 10-16-08 at 07:12 AM by Dciv
Anyone ever wonder if your medication and ADD has side effects?I ask because I woke up the other "day". And its like 5 am and the house is dark and creepy. But I see this light coming out of the living room. It was my laptop flipped open and there was a webpage on the screen. I thought for a moment that someone had broken into "my" house and started to steal my internet again. This has happened before; someone broke into my place and started "looking" up stuff on my internet and downloading PDFs from undisclosed websites. The criminals even loaded AOL instant messenger on my computer, it got in the start up and everything. I was so ****ed! Anyways I quickly ran to the foyer and grabbed my math textbook (YEAH, baby the heavy one!) I knew that if I caught the person all I had to do was make "them" do some advanced integrals and that would make them go nuts. But I found no despots in the house. SO I went to the laptop and started to look through the website. The website was a forum kind of like this one, so I proceeded to look for a username. When I found the handle I was totally perplexed. This is where my original question comes in finally. The website was called Humanforums.blah. I started to read through the forums and I found the handle and the profile of the scum. So when I "asked" if my medication and ADD have side effects, it was rhetorical because according this guys account they do. Apparently my ADD and medication have teamed up and signed up for a website like this one in order to complain about me. Can you believe that! His logon name DCIVSUCKS! I was appalled by all of this. Well I read through the webpage and as I went through my ascot started to make me sweat big time. This guy actually went around calling me a weirdo. Saying that I get up early in the morning, get dressed, go to work, and actually be nice to people. Apparently back in the days it "was" nice because he used to get up late, not brush his teeth, drink mountain dew for breakfast, and leave all the cabinet doors open in the kitchen. The medication has a whole thread complaining how I stand up my pills in my mouth like they were vampire teeth. Apparently I am an idiot for not having a chai frappacino from starbucks once a day anymore. Lastly they are also ****ed because now all the pricey electronics that were purchased on impulse are now being used, basically degrading the value now that they are out of there packages. Anyways, in the end I was glad that they had a way to vent and hopefully they will "suck" it up because I dont like them either.
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