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Stinkin' up the Boys Room (Smokin' In the Boys Room)

Posted 09-09-08 at 08:33 PM by Uneek1
On my way to work, I was listening to Motley and they sang "gonna meet the boys on floor #2. Smokin' in the boys' room...." I was thinking #2?! Hmmm.... So a new song was born. For the first hour, I wasn't as productive as I could've been...on real work anyway. I was handling callbacks no problem and was doing a little work. But without further ado....


Sittin' in the classroom
Having a lot of gas
Hating the teacher...
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Where would I be without friends

Posted 09-09-08 at 05:03 PM by Anna000
Updated 09-11-08 at 06:08 PM by Anna000 (Learning and growing in ones perspective)
I'm LEARNING not to say sorry so often

I'm LEARNING that I don't have to be perfect

I'm LEARNING not to run away

I'm LEARNING that it is o.k. to have emotions

I'm learning that I am not always the one in the wrong

I may not know the HOW

But I do know I can TRY

For it is better to have tried and failed rather than never having tried at all.

Each day is a new page.
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The 7 Stages of Grief

Posted 09-08-08 at 02:06 PM by ggal
So, basically, I checked out last week. I checked out of society for as much as I was able. I spoke to nobody at work until Friday when I finally had a smoke with a friend. I simply sat in my office, was grateful I was slammed with work, and cried and cried and cried. I think Iím in mourning.

I am mourning my trust in Grafter. I am mourning my relationship and what I thought it was. I am mourning the illusion of security and safety. I am mourning the man I fell in love with...
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Thinking feelings, Feeling thoughts

Posted 09-08-08 at 01:50 PM by Rosellini
no emotions felt, no words spoken, no definitive real... no self to identify with, no narrative explanation, defined or undefined purpose. all trust placed in that cheshire cat grin floating in the abstract. A world of appearances, of trust in probability, of unshaken belief, of outstanding lies and misguided truths. everything crumbling, crumbling...

A single shrill may disrupt all comfort found in the following silence.

A final breath may burst the childs balloon...
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Can Ethylex, Ixel, Modiodal and Seroquel help a ADHD person?

Posted 09-04-08 at 09:04 PM by sism
My husband is also an alcoholic in recovery.
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