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Stunned into Silence and Overwhelm

Posted 05-27-13 at 08:27 AM by Blanched Dubois
So, someone told me that my 'story' basically made them awestruck it was so pathetic. It stuns people into silence. That's what it does to me and with the ADD it's almost a kindness.

I have to put my 'feelings' aside about what I feel about head injuries and ADD and extreme experiences that ended up pushing my son and I out of our 'home' to land near the person who abused me all my life.

Sometimes I guess to spare us further pain our own brain will remain in denial...
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The power of place.

Posted 05-14-13 at 08:19 PM by Parterxred
I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico. If this is ever read, please tell me what you know about it.
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Hello Rock, meet Hard Place

Posted 05-11-13 at 01:52 AM by write4relief
There's a fine line between having respect for someone and giving up pieces of who you are to spare their feelings. How do you recognize the difference between the two? When making a decision based on the feelings of someone else, someone who you love, who loves and respects you, you imagine it might be pretty cut and dry. Of course I will do this for you. I love you. I respect you. I want you to be happy. But what if your brain responds differently? Instead, what if you hear - I want o do this...
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Missing pieces.

Posted 05-02-13 at 12:39 AM by write4relief
In the last 2 years ive learned, adapted and accepted so much about self. About the new me. The new life I'm intended to lead. Though I cant helpbut miss pieces of the old me. The unaware, misguided, blissfully ignorant me.

Without going into the horrifically long story of how I got to this point, this may seem a bit scattered and nonsensical but I'm okay with that.

Ive reached the point in my post-diagnosis period that I'm starting to mourn the loss of my old self....
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When your hands are tied.

Posted 04-18-13 at 01:35 AM by write4relief
There's no doubt I've been stressed out lately. Lots of things happening lately that my brain, my heart, my emotions, and my body haven't agreed with. What I'm finding to be a reoccuring problem steming from all of this is the powerlessness that all this stuff makes me feel.

Its a feeling that comes back, everytime something like this happens. When I get overwhelmed the one common emotion I seem to have each and every time is that I am powerless. I have no say in my own life. My...
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