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Animal lover blues - people suck

Posted 04-04-09 at 08:55 AM by meadd823
Okay a few don't but when I see this scene I really question any notion that man-kind as a species could be the result of "natural selection. I do not recall mother nature being profiled as masochist or suicidal. When people move and leave living creatures whom they have made dependent upon them behind like discarded junk to me humans are nothing but some horrid Divine mistake.

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I Know Why. . . . .

Posted 03-13-09 at 05:32 AM by meadd823
Updated 03-13-09 at 05:53 AM by meadd823
I know why neurotypicals think as they do and why they complain so often – I doubt any will listen but because I have been where they and I have been where their ADD spouses seeing both sides of this issue had given me some insight.

The only way a neurotypical would forget their spouses birthday, or anniversary is if they didn’t care enough to remember. Because they are aware of the passage of time they are normally aware of the date and the day. Few of them can comprehend...
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I would rather . . . . .

Posted 03-12-09 at 01:47 AM by meadd823
Gary’s son graduated from warrant officer school a couple of weeks ago. While I know Gary was proud of his son and felt honored to pin his rank on him I was reminded of just how much I dis-liked social expectations of sameness . . .

There are so many things I would rather be doing than dressing to impress and engaging in social NTer etiquette

The following is a partial list of things I find more appealing . .

*Sucking Soda through a...
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To many lemons in life - bother

Posted 02-06-09 at 08:11 AM by meadd823
Updated 02-07-09 at 01:35 AM by meadd823 (brother bother, bob, bad smelling spelling)
I am swimming in lemonade and still experiencing a drought. I have learned most people drink sweet lemonade because the sugar drowns out the sour lemon taste. Don't want to experience any bitter taste. People demand sweet even it is it artificial sweet.

One can only do so much with the lemons of life until one runs out of ideas - I mean lemon pie Lemon chicken, lemon cleaner, lemon balls then we have lemon base ball and some have found ways to drive lemons but they don't...
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2008 sucked us into 2009

Posted 01-01-09 at 03:25 AM by meadd823
I think - because I have yet to find any one who said 2008 was a good year for them although I am assuming there are some people who thought 2008 was a good year.

I guess it wasn't to bad especially toward the end - Gary found out he didn't have cancer - we quit smoking Jan 2008.

We celebrate a New Year but really it is just another new day with a 9 at the end instead of an 8 - Time marches and I am still part of it - one day I won't be.

I did the...
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