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What made reading so hard for me growing up and now (that I can tell)

Posted 10-07-08 at 11:14 PM by anonone
(If you're eager to try out some excercizes I've come up with, skip to the 4th or 5th post down)

(I gotta say this somewhere so I'm goona say it here: Take my grammar advice with a grain of salt; search online for credible looking pages.
Note that I've left some things out, when defining grammar mechanics.)

Quick Tips for reading better:

=================== ( for more descriptions of my...
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ADD game / benchmark programming

Posted 10-07-08 at 12:03 PM by anonone
I've decided to upload my progress on programming a benchmarking program for ADD ppl. It will allow them to see how their mental skills are doing, and most importantly compare there skills between different periods (to check to see if 1 medication is better than another, and so on).

soon to come...
Games included in the bundle:

Interface Ideas:
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Jadezz Jadezz

Posted 10-06-08 at 09:30 PM by jadezz
Hey I'm a twenty nine year old women with ADHD , and I have a few questions to ask maybe someone could help me!
Here goes.. I've been taking ritlan for five weeks and I have a normal feeling one day and then the next day I feel lost and wierd, is that normal????
Another question I have is that I feel that I'm more lazy on the meds,is that normal??
One more does anyone every feel like when there one the meds that they don't wan't to talk to anybody???????/
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I have a confession...

Posted 10-06-08 at 12:06 AM by Dciv
I like to eat my cereal and milk separate.
I put my cereal in a bowl and my lactose free milk in a cup.

It takes practice but the whole process is very simple.

Fist full of cereal + Sip of milk= Crazy Delicious

and that's better than Mr. Pibb and Red vines!

My name is Deltacharlieindiavictor and I approve this message.
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And so it comes to an end

Posted 10-05-08 at 08:51 PM by EYEFORGOT (musings, etc.)
The curtain has closed on my show. Today my beautiful set came down to make way for the next show's.

What an amazing, rewarding experience this has been. I learned so much, I always learn something from every show.

I had so much fun but my lack of self confidence got in the way of relaxing while enjoying. The drama that takes place off stage is more stressful than any job we have on stage. oy.

It was a success, it was a good show, the audience...
can't remember diddly
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