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Coming Home!!

Posted 04-01-08 at 12:16 PM by MOMUV5IL
Joe's coming home today-- I can't wait to pick him up! He's doing so awesome- best I've seen him in a year. The abilify's really calming his moods-- a little too calm maybe but for now, it'll have to do. I just still want him to be himself-- only without punching holes in doors & throwing things when he's mad. We'll see how he does at home w/his bros-- he can't wait to come home which is good. We asked him what we could do to help him in his recovery process-- he asked us for more structure w/times he's allowed out w/friends, etc. which shows some maturity & insight on his part-- stuff he hadn't displayed yet. I just want him to come home, feel accepted & loved, do decent in school, get a job like he wants to, get his license, be able to drive, be able to go out w/his friends & do stuff that "normal" teenagers do (okay, there's no normal teenagers really!) & be happy... I had a dream last week that he was this really happy, almost joyful person-- it radiated from him in my dream like sunlight all around him. I woke up & was so peaceful & told my husband about my dream. A few hours later, my sister called me & said you won't believe the dream I had last night about Joey. She had the same exact dream I had... I was like, yeah right-- Jack (my husb) put you up to this?! But she actually did have the same exact dream-- maybe it's a sign of good things to come for Joey. I've never lost hope that he'll have a great life...
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    Mincan's Avatar
    I sure hope so, but please don't get your hopes up. Remember this will be with him all his life and these chemical cocktails that the doctors put him on only seek to minimise the pain it's giving him, it doesn't get rid of anything really, only makes it managable... tweaking of meds may happen...

    I looked up Abilify, very interesting... D2 agonist...hmm
    Posted 04-01-08 at 02:10 PM by Mincan Mincan is offline
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    Mincan's Avatar
    I sure wish my mother didn't leave me here and move across the continent... oh well.

    She did call today and mention she found the papers that the doctors gave her with my diagnoses of ADHD/OCD/mild tourettes when I was like 6 or something... I said that my psychiatrist would appreciate a copy of that, will have to wait until I go to British Columbia in June... if social order is still in place

    Also, I am so sorry for what I said earlier... don't get your hopes up. what a terrible thing to say... I'm just suffering here and being an ***. forgiveme.
    Posted 04-01-08 at 09:56 PM by Mincan Mincan is offline
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    No offense taken- we've been down this road before. He's been inpatient 4X in the past year... each time I've had the same optomism thinking "maybe this time they got it right" with his meds or therapy or whatever & each time so far, within a couple months, he starts his downward spiral again. I'm hoping he can make it this time... he had a "scary" roomie this time around that was in because he drank anti-freeze (depressed obviously)-- who would off themselves by drinking antifreeze anyways?!? He'd walk up to his bed at night & say, "Sweet dreams Joey"-- scary. Joe told the nurses about it & they ended up moving the kid to another room. Yikes.
    Posted 04-02-08 at 11:47 AM by MOMUV5IL MOMUV5IL is offline
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    Yeah- this is gonna be a lifelong journey for him... he'll find out what works, what doesn't for his life eventually on his own. Hopefully he'll stay away from the bad stuff & be able to live a normal life
    Posted 04-02-08 at 11:48 AM by MOMUV5IL MOMUV5IL is offline
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    Mincan's Avatar
    Ah ****! That is scary, although I would probably laugh at that at the time... oh and I really like you, you're a good mom and your son is lucky to have you. Keep up the excellent work!
    Posted 04-02-08 at 09:50 PM by Mincan Mincan is offline
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