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My kiddo, the budding genius

Posted 09-03-08 at 09:03 PM by Lady Lark
Updated 09-03-08 at 09:14 PM by Lady Lark
So I am slowly starting to realize the scope of my son's brain. It's kinda scary.

It's one thing to know he's smart. It's one thing to know he's gifted, or even the smartest gifted they have. It's another matter all together to realize just how much "smart" fails to describe him.

I wonder if this is the feeling Einstein's parents had when they realized they had an Einstein. Os Steven Hawking's parents when they realized just how far he would go.

I know this feeling. Part panic, mixed with a little exhilaration. It's the feeling you must get after you've jumped from the plane, and then have the though, "I wonder if my parachute is packed correctly?"

I'm back to a place I haven't been in a while. Lost. I'm not sure what to do with him. On one hand I don't want to push him to much, and become one of "those" parents. On the other hand, I don't want to not push him enough, and leave him under challenged and not meeting his full potential. I'm also discovering what a fine, fine line it is to walk the two.

He wants to learn Algebra. He wants to learn Trig. He wants to learn Chemistry. He wants to earn more about the universe (read Physics). He also wants to make a battery that won't get drained by the heat.


I'm looking at the fact that I might not only have a gifted kid, but a gifted skip kid. Or even a gifted, in college before he can drive, kid.

It's cool. But scary as hell. Like I have this great responsibility to the world to not F him up, so he can do whatever great things he's (clearly) meant to do.

He's eight, and I'm talking to my mom about buying him college textbooks for his birthday. And I think he'll love them!

And there's this small part of me that's wishing I had normal, average kids. Average I can do. it doesn't require loads of extra money so they can reach their full potential. No worries about what to do with them academically.

And yet another part of me that's wondering, "Where in the name that is all that is good and right in this universe did he get that from?" Not to dump on my family, cause we have some smart people floating around, but nothing like this. I can say, with full confidence that Steven is the smartest person (IQ wise) under my roof.

Like I said. Cool, but scary.
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    It is great that you have a good diagnosis for your son, and he has something to be really proud of. (his intelligence). My daughter made a friend who I since found out was an Aspie. I read up on it, and watched some videos of it on youtube. By a girl called bikini artist. Asbergers is an interesting syndrome.

    I work with an engineer who is an aspie. He is really good at what he does.

    Good luck with everything.
    Posted 09-08-08 at 03:27 PM by MGDAD MGDAD is offline
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