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Taking a stab at this

Posted 03-27-08 at 09:36 PM by Lady Lark
It's probably going to end up as some random and confused sounding stream of consciousness, but ah well, you don't have to read it.

Man, am I irritated at the husband. I mean, what does he expect? He complains when he doesn't know the plans because I, "spring things on him", and he complains when I try to tell him what's going to be going on, "I don't care./I don't need to know this crap."
Then there's my "nagging". Too bad if for me if he forgets, again, and again, and again, I'm just supposed to...what? Remind him? Nope, that's nagging. Do it myself (all to often option), but then he's gets huffy because, "I was going to do that." When, next year? I need to vacuum this week!

Yes dear, I expect you to jump up and do what I'm asking now. Why? Because if you don't, you'll forget! Gods above, half the time I feel like I'm his freaking parent!
*heavy sigh*
Did I mention that's it's all gotten worse since he's stopped smoking?

*deep sigh, and a shot of tequila*

At least he's got an appt on the second about this. Apparently it took him not being able to concentrate on his video games...yes, his VIDEO GAMES to finally motivate him to seek treatment for his ADHD.

I can't wait til Wed.
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    Scattered's Avatar
    Can't concentrate on his video games! This is a serious case of ADD! Get that man a stimulent quick!

    You know you made a common mistake -- you married a man. Since their brains are wired totally differently from ours, frustration in communicating is pretty much inevitable. (You see I also married a man 21 years ago and counting).

    Seriously though, I really hear you. It's incredibly frustrating when you feel you're in a no win scenario. Which ever way you go you're wrong. Hang in there -- hopefully getting treatment and learning more about how ADD effects his life (and yours) will really help. In the mean time -- vent away!
    Posted 03-28-08 at 10:18 PM by Scattered Scattered is offline
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    Lady Lark's Avatar
    Thanks Scattered. When in comes to marriage, in my defense I was drunk.


    Well that's what I tell him. That or I married him because I love him, but I love him for his money. It's really funny when you know that he was making a whole $6.25 an hour when we met.
    Posted 03-29-08 at 09:42 PM by Lady Lark Lady Lark is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    Did I mention that's it's all gotten worse since he's stopped smoking?
    I should have dedicated my latest blog to your husband or mine - smoking and ADD - there is a reason and it is not impulsiveness Addiction + self destruction = load of dung The first two hyperlinks deal with nicotine and attention - me and my husband both had worse ADD symptoms after we quit smoking. It takes a couple of months for the brain to A) readjust B) brain user to get used to foggier brain . . it hard to tell which one has happened but I am going on month three and I am just now beginning to feel sort of normal. . .

    I had been toying with this idea for a while and then I read this blog not to long ago - so I did the actual studying part as a means of distracting me during the feingold thread participation - so any way there is a link between nicotine and increased focus. . . thought you may be interested.
    Posted 04-12-08 at 05:05 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    Lady Lark's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up. Man, you are the google queen, aren't you.

    I kept telling him that he was worse off because he wasn't self medicating anymore. It took the psych to convince him.

    Now I just need to set the doc right about Mark and his leg bouncing. he seems to think it's withdrawal from the smoking, but I know better. He's been doing it for at least 11 years.
    Posted 04-15-08 at 06:18 PM by Lady Lark Lady Lark is offline
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