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Stressed out by my Pdoc!

Posted 02-28-09 at 08:21 PM by anonone
*****… Ok, time to take notes on my doctor fiasco about the phone script... it's in order of events, very dry (true story) and ****ing stressful! but It feels good, and is a good habit to journal stressful things.

1) Saw doc and asked for script of Adderall, was told I could change script if I’d like just by calling him.

***I told him that I was experiences weird head symptoms, that my Pdoc had no explaination for, but he advised me “you should discontinue the Adderall.”

I said “this is a really bad time for me to go with out stimulants.” I wasn’t ready for a prescription at the time, but he started to fill the prescription for Adderall on his computer. I don’t think I realized that this was what he was doing until his printer came to life. “Oh wait. Are you printing it?”

I could sense that my psychiatrist was getting very frustrated with all my health business, and I especially saw it as he sort of… turned his head downward and shut his eyes, that he was holding in some anger… he opened his eyes and said “It’s not too late..” In a frustrated, I’m trying to keep from showing my frustration tone.

“Well, if it’s printing, idk, I don’t wanna waste paper. Are you sure?” I conceded.

“Yes… If you want I can change it.” He assured me, in a more legitamite sounding manor.

And I said, “well, I don’t know what I want exactly…” and paused to think of what I should ask for, “I should really have thought about this more before hand.”

Then I said I want the IR I guess… and he argued that IR would be physically harsher on my body that XR (and I assumed he was mistaken, that it would be harsher on my mind, emotionally). He didn’t back down from his argument, nor was he able to provide any explaination or support for his claim. He used a fallicy to shut me up which erks me in retrospec. But… you know… he must have been thinking about emotional harshness, and thought I was thinking that too (I would hope atleast).
What I do when people argue like this (irrationally, claiming they heard that it’s this way yet are unwilling or able to explain why) I usually just stop talking about it and say “ok” and nod my head. Cause.. what else do you do right? Raise your voice or something? Lol. I guess my philosophy is “w/e, I’m glad I’m not you.” And forget about it.
Anyway… after he shut me up about IR being harsher (hah! Maybe he was lieing, and his reasoning was because he heard IR is more abuseable, lol, this is starting to make sense to me now, I gotta switch docs I think.) …well, I just kind of thought to myself, what other drug should I try (thinking like Obama).
Apparently he didn’t have patients for this kind of thought processing because he interrupted me with, “Ok, just take that script home, and if you change your mind you can just call me and we can get you that.”

2) I called and asked to speak with doc, but only can with nurse. I asked nurse to give me Dextro-amphetamine tablets…

***The nurse had never heard of dextroamphetamine until I brought it up with her over the phone, and actually 'suspected' that I had the name wrong; immediately after I gave her the names dexedrine, dextro-amphetamine tablets, umm.. dex-stat? ughhh.. dex-amphetamine? --none of which rang a bell ...until I went to google and confirmed the name dextro-amphetamine.. thereafter she pretended she was firmilure with it and "thought I said something else"... (I assume that gave her enough time to figure out the spelling of the substance I was naming and type it into her computer.. or perhaps she pretended to know and had not computer. I didn’t care at the time, I thought it was adorable of her.)

3) I went out to the pharmacy and picked up the prescription, but the pharmacy pointed out that the instructions were to take the Extended release capsuls twice a day, once in AM and again in PM, and she wanted to verify that it was the XR formula that I was supposed to be taking…

***So now... I get to the pharmacy, and they hand me a bag of Dex E (extended release capsules)!! not what I asked for! The pharmacy lady kindly made a point of verifying that it was the capsulse to be taken twice a day (capsules is underlined in her comments, hinting to me that this is a rare thing to be prescribed as twice daily).

Anyway, when the Pharmacy lady asked me "are they supposed to be extended release?" I said, "No, no they aren't, they should be tablets." and shook my head in mild dissapoinment with my doctors office. She told me that I would need to talk to the doctors again and have them mail in a new script before I could get the coprrect prescription filled.

I declined that alternative and substituted, "I'll just take these, I'll just crush them down with spoons to make them into equivilent, double strength, IR tablets."

Her first reaction was, "You're not supposed to crush these."

And so explained to her the theory that, "As I understand it, the mechanism of extended release is that they are coated in a phosphate, and that crushing them will result in the circumvention of the XR properties (in lamer words though, I would imagine.. the word 'defeation' was actually my choice over 'circumvetion', lol)

She asked "Oh, so you've done this before?"

"No madam, I'm firmilure with the theory though" I pointed out. (I have never said madam IRL, I just don’t know what I said exactly, and thought it would have been romantic to use the word madam in this casual way)

"Ok then, your total will be $22.95" tone expressing that she believed me to be knolegable of stimulants, and almost, just maybe, like she was a bit hesitant, but didn't act on this hesitation. Did she do the legal thing? I live in a government, after all; it's not in a very logically-organized state right now.

4) I get home and realize I only got 14 pills?!?!

5) I called up my office (they said theyed call back) and I asked why they prescribed only 14 pills, and how this is very expensive for me to do. I also said I wanted tablets in the first place and they said they’d talk with the doctor tomarrow or the next day and see if that was OK with him.

6) I call them up the next day and tell them I want a specific dosage and they say they’ll get back to me. They call me back and say that they

7) They call me in the morning and they say “you know the doctor really just wants you to take what he prescribed in the first place” and I pointed out that they shouldn’t have prescribed me XR to be taken twice a day, XR is a once a day pill (she said that, “actually, sometimes we do prescribe them for people.” I think this was a lie because she originally hand’t heard of the substance.) I then said, it would interfere with my sleep (she said “it’s such a small dose that it won’t.” I kinda wonder where the **** she got off saying that to me.) I think I must have said something like “I want to be prescribed tabs” …

…she must have called me back and said “ok, the doctor has decided to prescribe you tablets in 10mg amounts.” At which point I explained to her logically how my equivalent dose in dex of Adderall was 15mg, and I asked her why the doctor wanted to give me less than that. She replied “the doctor wants you to take 10mg every morning and every evening.” (dodging my question). I verified the date, and she told me how many days till my appointment, and finally I said, “OK.. if the doctor is really unwilling to prescribe for me 15mgs then I guess I’m goona have to bring it up with him at our next meeting.” And that was the last of it (she must have asked if I wanted her to write the script and I said don’t bother).
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