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Ugghh... the world sucks...

Posted 10-23-08 at 12:57 PM by anonone
A few weeks ago I made an apointment with a generic Doctor where I go to school now. I only needed to get a script out of them cause all my others expired.

I wanted to just get a psychiatrist (for good measure), but my last psych (the nicest Dr. in the world who was the first to ever suggest an idea to help me cope {beta blockers} witch I grew out of!) who I hadn't seen in 2 years was declaired

"no longer my doctor" and also...

"no longer seeing new patients..."

Bummer, but I don't give that much of a sh## about it, I'm just in it for his little blue papers. (and maybe a question or two about vien constriction).

Anyway... I'm trying to get a different psych to be my doctor, and I'm on the phone with this epitome receptionist and s/he says...

"No, you need to meet with your old doctor and sign a consent form to have all your medical information released to us before we let you see a psych."

First I tried to see if she could just set me up with out that part of it and she was like "no F#en way dude, go home and die." So I asked to be transfered to where I could requisition a generic MD doctor in the hopes that they wouldn't require such stringent bull **** from me. I end up making the apointment with out any problems at all, to my surprize.

I then try to phone ahead to her to see if she would be willing to perscribe for me at the apointment, but she was like... taking a four day week end or something when I called on a thurs. It takes so long to get the actual apointment so I was like, w/e and just crossed my fingers till I got there.

When I finally met with my generic MD, my anxiety was confirmed. She says...

"I don't like to give perscriptions to patients unless they're seeing someone from psychiatry."

...Wow, good idea, but that can really **** someone over. Helpless, I informed her that I had litterally swallowed my last pill that day, and I needed a script, and that was the only reason I met with her in the first place. "Luckily" for me she was willing to write me exactly 1 script to tide me over until I could meet with the psych. (I had to wait in line 27 days for the psych apointment...) I rate this doctor a 5/5 for understanding of ethics and leave happy with my little blue paper.

Now I finally get down to the psych office, 27 days later, and they send me up to a financial aid office. At first I figure it's just some routine sh##, but then she tells me that my health insurance coverage has been revolked.

Why do they have to wait until the day of my apointment to actually tell me this sh##? They even called the night before to remind me of the damn meeting! Just slip in "hey budy, maybe you should call your insurance company or something..." I want to give you my business, just help me the f##k out here! Oh, profits and demand are so high it doesn't really matter? I'd love to address that a bit more but another blog perhaps.

I spend a good 10 minutes at the doctor's office on the phone trying to get through the insurance company's automated phone system, which was excruciating to say the least, and then I spend a good 20 minutes waiting for some operator on the other line to finally figure out to tell me...

"Your coverage has been termed (what a cute way to say terminated! You're really great phone person!) because the information you sent us was not good enough to convince us that you are a full time student."

GG! You win apparently. You deffered the costs of my next apointment and next script refil, and almost got me to pay for it ($300! I just don't have that money to spend right now)... If I fu## things up in school the way I expect them to be fu##ed up you've just extended my health coverage by another semester, so maybe this wasn't a smart move after all? (I'm covered by them for as long as I'm in school, btw.)

Wtf am I goona do when I graduate and lose coverage all together? The world sucks...
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