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The Secret is. . . . . .

Posted 03-09-08 at 12:16 PM by meadd823
This subject recently rekindled my attention via this thread

Whoa nelly! The secret... or, dare i say it... a crock!

Originally Posted by aloha1983
See, he's really into that 'The Secret' book and DVD, and takes it to the extreme. Like, I bought my ADD upon myself in a past life. I CHOSE to have it, and clinical depression. It was all caused by my subconscious thoughts, etc.

Then he had the audacity to say that his boss (who has tragically just miscarried) bought the miscarriage on herself! At what stage do you think a mother chooses to lose her baby? Or decides she will in a 'past life'.
Originally Posted by Luthien
I find the blaming-the-victim that a lot of this "positive thinking" advocates preach frankly quite questionable. Hm, understatement

You're sick? Sorry, your own fault. You should have thought better thoughts.

Understatement deluxe!

I remembered this subject came up before - and my first reaction was to apply it in sparing quantities on my house plants monthly though out the growing season .

Can the "Law of Attraction" be applied to ADD?

Originally Posted by ADDer
What do you think? Marketing ploy or a theory to consider?

Law of attraction?

The Universal Law of Attraction (LOA) is the most powerful law in the universe. The simplest definition of this law is "like attracts like." Other definitions include:

You get what you think about, whether wanted or unwanted. The Law of Attraction is neutral.

All forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration.

You are a living magnet.
{End Quote}

{meadd823 applies what she learned in elementary school science classes}

all forms of energy ????"like attracts like.???? Living magnet?????

Don't like poles repel each other - I don't know how magnets behave in other people universe but in my neurodiverse universe it is the opposite poles of a magnet that attract not the line ones

{man did they sleep in class or what! They should have wiggled more in class}

I do not think neutral attracts or repels - only those thing that have a charge have potential action – there is some thing to consider.

Being a natural born question box every answer must lead to more questions.

???Why would the authors need to sale their wares instead of simply drawing more money to them selves through their own thoughts.

???Starving people are hungry because they fail to think of food enough?

???Children get run over by cars from being too aware of them?

???If our thought are all that is necessary to create reality then why are drunks bad drivers? In their minds they truly believe they are driving exceptionally well .

???Can I blame the author for my critism sense according to them my critics in due to her negative thoughts attracting my negative energy. . .this allows me to escape responsibility for my own thoughts - rather flakey way to approach life {IMHO}

LOA – law of attraction = common sense Leave Of Absence.

Thought that fail to be accompanied by action are call day dreams - words without action is called being full of hot air. Okay that is what I was told.

The Secret" is like Amway for the soul.

Sellers don't attract sellers; they attract buyers, unless they're running an MLM scheme. Lazy dreamers don't attract lazy dreamers. They attract con artists with big smiles and lots of promises. Grieving vulnerable people don't attract vulnerable people; they attract vultures and vampires who take advantage of their grief.
{End Quote}

I am pretty boring I believe my life is probably dictated more by things like the law of probability

Most things are a matter of mathematically formulated equation determining percentage of possibilities of each possible occurrences - our behavior having a moderately determining factor in tipping the possibilities in one direction or the other -

The secrets they are trying to cover up

*Thoughts without action won't earn money - writing books will.

*People who try sale wealth are normally interested only in their own

* if you want some thing in life worth having boring crap like planning and effort are required

*When people get mad because they are asked questioning there is a high probability they do not have answers.

*Some folks actually feel more comfortable blaming people who have been raped for attracting the negative energy than they do facing the three truths of life

1) Crap happens

2) gotta deal with happening crap

3) can't change rule one or two.

***The secret is may people feel uncomfortable accepting the amount of our existence that is beyond human control.


I am a advocate of seeing idea in action before making final decision – here as some one who claim the secret is helping them function.

I some how get the impression a board full of button pushing question boxes was NOT in his visualization – had he bother to think about the people here before claiming the secret cured his depression would have come more prepared, secure, and capable of the intellectually discussion he is claiming he wants

Originally Posted by secrert promo
Food is not responsible for putting on weight. It is your thought that food is responsible for putting on weight that actually has food put on weight. Remember, thoughts are primary cause of everything, and the rest is effects from those thoughts. Think perfect thoughts and the result must be perfect weight."
Originally Posted by meadd823
Considering they are selling a book and DVD's I would vote marketing ploy.

I am not thin because I think thin thoughts. I am thin because I have a fast metabolism and I am hyperactive. If I weighed according to my thoughts about my weight I would be non-existent. So being able to think yourself into being some thing you are not is utter “plant food”

Please do not get me wrong how you think is able to do miraculous things with who and what you are how ever no amount of thinking will make you some thing you are not.
The secret is. . . . there is no secret

Bottom Line:
Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear -
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    meadd823's Avatar
    The secret is life comes in a limited supply no matter what we feel or believe. I think these people don't like facing how fragile out lives are and that much of what happens is beyond our control. We do not control when we leave this world nor do we have a choice as to weather or not we will ever leave it - we have limited control over when we leave it - some how we are to believe that we have much more control over the portion in between - we have control over our selves - we do have a choice in how we perceive and how we act upon those perceptions and in reality that is about it - naturally there is great power in knowing what it is I do control and an equally great relieve in realizing what I don't.

    Now we have The Master Key System that sounds like basically the same stuff some one else trying to sale a book -looking for a master key system into my pocket.

    Apparently these people are not aware of babies being abandon ,being born in a war zone, or severely abused. These idiots apparently never worked in a child trauma ward where a two week old baby was put in boiling water by an insane mother - yea that child of two week attracted this horrible occurrence. What about incest, child slavery and pet abuse animal create their own reality too - my cat wanted to be hung by his back legs

    {what ever- some folks will believe any thing except the truth = crap happens and much of the time the only thing we can do is deal with it the best we can} I wonder what ****ing planet they are from because it sure the hell ain't this one. . . to deny that cruelty can and does happen to the innocent- I guess it is easier to claim the victims "attracted these things to them selves unknowingly" than it is to face the face they could become victims themselves at any time as can I. The sad fact is many of these believer are hurting others for one thing through their inconsiderate claims and ignorance of other people's realities. Oh brother - what a world we live in - just when I think I have heard it all some one some where has to prove me wrong
    Posted 03-14-08 at 12:50 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    I love your point of view- funny & insightful!! I cringe when I hear people talking about the secret-- never bought the book, don't want to read it-- I'm not narrow-minded, just realistic. Oh yeah, and also- people that are victims of violent crimes somehow lacked some sort of will in their lives for good?? Or could it just be all the nut-jobs out there that are ruining everyone else's lives? Maybe???
    Posted 03-19-08 at 08:13 PM by MOMUV5IL MOMUV5IL is offline
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    Mincan's Avatar
    THis is good shizza
    Posted 03-19-08 at 08:47 PM by Mincan Mincan is offline
  4. Old
    meadd823's Avatar
    Oh yeah, and also- people that are victims of violent crimes somehow lacked some sort of will in their lives for good??
    Yeah - sounds like a load of dung considering how many different varieties of people find them selves the victims of violent crimes - I think these people do not like the idea that we have so little control over the stuff that happens to us - it is easier to blame the victims than it is to admit they have the same vulnerability.

    THis is good shizza
    Thank you
    Posted 03-24-08 at 04:00 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    murphy40's Avatar
    I disagree highly. I own and watch 'The Secret'. It's true that you can attract good and bad energy. It's not true one has ADD because of a past life. It's largely due to genetics. The movie was made to show that cycles of so called bad luck are brougth on through negative thought. Think about your times when things are going well. Are you happy about something, someone, some event? Good things happen. Cars don't brake down, keys don't get lost, etc. until you begin to think negatively again. All this negative thought and comments only add to the problem. I agree to disagree.
    Posted 04-08-08 at 04:03 PM by murphy40 murphy40 is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    I disagree highly. I own and watch 'The Secret'. It's true that you can attract good and bad energy.
    I like a person who isn't afraid to disagree - and I appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

    I agree you can attract good and bad energy - but that energy comes in the form of people around you. MY personal boundaries are in place to protect me from the truly negative folks while allowing the healthful ones in.

    My perspectives have some thing to do with my reality but not in the way this "secret" claims. Perspective has to do with how I see events which my influence them via my reaction how ever my perspective doesn't completely determine my reality - there is other things that come into play - if any thing people around me are reacting to their reality - their reality is interacting with my reality in much the same way this conversation is occurring - we are in essence reacting to each other's realty

    This theory acts as if even thinking about negative consequences will cause them to occur however considering the possibility of negative consequences may actually do just the opposite if the thought are acted upon properly. It isn't an all or nothing deal - it is about balance.

    Cars don't break down because my thoughts about a car braking down cause the break down -

    Thinking either way to the extreme may increase the chances of a broken car sooner or later - constantly thinking about my car breaking down may mean I become so afraid of it breaking down that I get where I do not drive it - then it might as well be broken -

    If I simply think about a car break down and do nothing then I may perceive my thought as breaking the car but in reality it is my inaction -

    Think about a car break down enough so that I do car maintaince properly then I am preventing car break down or at lease decreasing my chances.

    Rarely considering a car break down means being poorly prepared or ignoring the maintenance scheduling -

    Never considering a car break down means not doing what ones needs to decrease the chances of it happening -thus mathematically increasing the chances of a break down.

    According to this stuff my thought cause or do not cause things to happen - they attract positives and negative energy - the reality is I can only influence I do not determine - that would rest some where between God and Mathematical probability.
    Posted 04-11-08 at 09:37 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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