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And These People Lable Me Dysfunctional=wtf?

Posted 03-10-08 at 06:24 AM by meadd823
Updated 03-12-08 at 04:28 AM by meadd823
~Copied from my blog on myspace~

Okay so I have a hard time consciously filtering out un-necessary stimuli so I can focus on some thing in particular. I spent most of my life being bombarded by the world around me, some times I decided to bombard it back. Normally though I just tried to move, for some reason movement helped me clear my head. I was able to sort and separate the nine trillion bits of information my brain was attempting to process and every given time of the day. I lacked "executive functioning"

The term executive functioning is in itself an oxymoron - Really ever know an executive that actually functioned? Most of the executives I have had the displeasure of tolerating normally served to make functioning harder than it had to be. . . .okay considering the advice of these experts who supposedly have all their executive in place they may have a point - I don't bother bashing or labeling people who are different - I simply accepted them as they were - gee but then again I must remember I am "dysfunctional".

{Russ Barkley's site}
ADD is not an attention disorder, but a disorder of impulse control. ADD children do things other kids think of, but don't actually do. The urge to act is not being inhibited. The first response is the immediate response. People with ADD have trouble resisting the attractiveness of things other than that immediately before them. The observed hyperactivity is not independent from, but born of, the impulse control problem. To be ADD is to be hyper-responsive, not hyperactive. Failure to inhibit is at the core of the problem.
{End Quote}

Now lets look at "neurotypical" mindset:

Partial conversation on Thread

However, my parents own a home 10 miles away in a different subdivision. Undeveloped land is charged half of the HOA fees. Why? Because of the lake, beach, pool, clubhouse, etc. Even though one hasn't developed yet, they still are entitled to use the facilities.
{End Quote}

Wtf these normal People I refer to as NTers can use the lake beach, pool and clubhouse that do not yet exist They are bragging because they are getting their "dues" at a discount because the beach, pool, club house don't exist. . . they think they are getting a barging . . . .

Okay normal is paying for a club house that doesn't exist BUT lack of impulse control is asking "are you people ****ing nuts?"

Okay what ever maybe being ADD means questioning the stupidity most consider normal. . .lets us discuss some NTer forethought that has been in the news lately shall we

Navy missile hits dying spy satellite

It looks like the tank was hit," a U.S. official told NBC News. "It is still going to take some more analysis" to determine what happened to the fuel, but early indications were positive, the official said.
{End Quote}

Below find an example of more executive functioning hard at work.

Space junk hits Earth often, not people

Chunks of debris weighing two tons or more from satellites and rocket parts fall uncontrolled every three weeks or so, according to an analysis by a Harvard University astronomer who tracks satellites and space debris

It's likely that 50 to 200 "large" pieces of manmade space debris return to Earth every year, according to the Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies. Bill Ailor, the center's director, like those at NASA's Johnson Space Center, said he was asked by the government not to comment specifically on the current satellite re-entry issue.

In the past 40 years, about 12 million pounds of manmade space junk has survived re-entering Earth's atmosphere, according to the orbital debris center.

The reason space junk doesn't regularly hit people is simple: About 70 percent of the Earth is water.

And on average there are about 130 people per square mile of land on Earth, but people don't take up a lot of space. Far more than 99.9 percent of the land on Earth is not occupied by a person at a given time, according to rough calculations by researcher Alex de Sherbinin of Columbia University.

There is no one place on Earth that is more prone to space junk than others. Where satellites fall depend on their particular orbit.

{End Quote}

~Underlining, bold, ect Mine~

If that doesn't make ya feel better about being ADD nothing will.

To think I lack impulse control lack of forethought to consequences gee if I worked for NASA this would make me a damn genius

By the way didn't any one tell these idiots what goes up will come down?

If you are ADD, bi-polar or just a little odd by all means don't beat your selves up. I have read research saying that ADDers have less grey matter, if ya hit that Barkley site I am sure he states in there some where -

I look around at a world where is illegal to drink alcohol and drive but it is perfectly okay for drunks to handle explosives like fire works and guns!

So to be abnormal in this world probably simply means you have a brain because what ever grey matter the NTer has that we don't doesn't seem to be doing them much good any way -

Why fret it - let them keep their illusions of superior brain.

Read on the thread written

ADD Forums

Physiatrist to patent "do you see things other people don't"

Patent replied "Yes, I see stupid **** most consider normal"
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  1. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    this was a good read.

    wow..i am the same..i have so many thoughts going thru my mind at once..pacing around really helps me to clear my head. it lets out that frustration. My best ideas and thoughts are formulated when i am pacing.
    do u sometimes have that feeling where you have all these thoughts and ideas in your mind and you almost feel frustrated feeling in you because you just want to get them out. then trying to write them down is almost impossible because its a mix of words and images? sorry not sure if i explained it properly..and totally off topic..

    back on topic...yeah it can be so frustrating sometimes when you see how things can be done better. the most frustratng is when you know things can be done better but cant it into

    but as i said earlier..there are defnitely things that each thinker does better. both types have their weaknesses and positives. I dont think one is better than the other, both are needed in society.

    tho, for one to see the other as more flawed, is wrong..
    Posted 04-13-08 at 03:52 AM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  2. Old
    meadd823's Avatar
    for one to see the other as more flawed, is wrong..
    Niether NTer nor ADDer is "perfect thinker" I get tired of the disordered box and I believe many a bad ADDer "out come" was due less to the ADD and more because they were treated badly due to the differences - this was my way of pointing out how NTer screw things up too
    Posted 05-06-08 at 03:47 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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