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Posted 07-12-08 at 04:32 PM by houts
[Posted from my blog:]

I can't sleep.

The brain won't shut down.

It's rather annoying.

I've explained to my wife and friends how the brain seems to work for me. Imagine your brain being a Duo-Core processor. On both sides, thoughts, feelings, actions, and memory. Both sides are working at the same time, together, but not as a unitary process. Now, imagine that computer never being shut down. And as you know, all brains, like computers, need to be shut off. While I sleep, my brain isn't shut down but merely in safe-mode or screen saver.

Behind the scenes, thoughts are still being processed. It is hard to get a good night's sleep. If I go asleep with any anticipation of awaking the next day, I will awake several times at night.
I've always had a 'special' ability to wake up without an alarm clock. This is due to a lack of deep sleep. My brain seems to be looking to alert me when it loses track of time. My brain is saying to my body "Hey, I think it's time to get up-check the time", or "Hey, I need something done."

There have been a few articles I've read on-line that seem to be helpful:
2.Article Alley
4.Associated Content

God bless my wife. She is the most wonderful person in the world.

She is so aware of my sleeping problems and deals with it in such a kind manner. She will go asleep around 9-10 P.M., while my day just begins at that time. During our marriage she has been very considerate of my inability to sleep, and the dreary nature of going to bed without your partner alongside you. A month ago I was sitting at my desk, trying to be busy (enter laughter here), and she handed me a piece of paper. It was tips on falling asleep easier. While it was a rather simple list that people often overlook, it confirmed some of my own beliefs.

1. It has been often said NOT to exercise near your sleep time. However, I disagree for those with ADD/ADHD. I am not saying to go out and run an hour before sleep. But, I've been known to go on runs after work, or shortly before bed and it has made all the difference. Honestly, exercise is the best cure for insomnia if you have ADD/ADHD.

My body will tend to 'crash' more often and easier near the night time and will crave the deep sleep state in order to rest up for the next day.

The body and the mind are, without doubt, as a whole, connected when I speak about 'crashing'. You need to tire the body in order for the mind to slow down, or "crash" as well. I.E. turning off at night, or pulling the plug from behind. Computer geeks will appreciate that example. *smirk*

2. Avoid caffeine, sugars, or any products that will keep you awake. I tend to drink soda while watching my favorite T.V. show, or eat some ice cream. In my own, experimental, controlled study, I've noticed the difference when I did not consume compared to when I did. It is night and day.

3. Do something to get your body and mind ready to sleep. My wife will always ask "Do you want to go to bed and read?" This is her clever way of getting me to bed, and she knows that is the first step toward getting me to sleep. Otherwise I'll tend to want to go to the computer, watch a useless T.V. show, or do something else that I don't really need to do. Once I get into bed and start reading, or settling down, I prepare my mind for the next step-sleep.
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