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I hate Stupid people

Posted 07-12-08 at 04:58 PM by houts
[Posted from my blog:]

Dealing with idiots causes a short circuit upstairs. My patience wears very thin.

Today I had to deal with one of these idiots...

In my spare "time" I pick up computer work on the side. This may be anyone who needs a complete re-build of their computer to the operating system. Typically it is a business person that I gain my work from.
Well, I sold an old laptop for someone I was working with. It was used and I put it on Craig's List with a "As-is" smeared across there. A day later I found a gentlemen that said he needed a laptop for his daughter and would fix it. Good. Well, good luck to you then. I was completely honest with him about what occurred with its previous employer, and wished him luck. Being a nice guy, I even said that if I misrepresented anything, he could get a refund. It was my way of saying "hey, here are the problems and I am being honest-good luck to you sir!"

Well the idiot-stick apparently found out how much it would cost to replace a plug on it, as well as the cord (all of which he knew already from my description) and called me back. But, I didn't get his call.
So, I called him back two days later.

Two days!

In that time his 'girlfriend' (the man is 40+ years old and he has a 'girlfriend'?) called my past employer and said I was "ditching them" and not calling them back.


I am puzzled. It was sold 'as-is' and I did not lie about what I represented.

Now I could have easily ignored his request for a refund, in which he did with very little apology for his "girlfriends" behavior, and moved on my way.

But, for some reason, I have grown. No longer do I feel the need to convince others of their stupid mistakes, ignorance, or blissful behavior.

So, I sucked it up and just gave him his money.
It is very frustrating knowing the good guy, myself, gets screwed.

It was a waste of time and money, as well as his own fault for trying to have a third-rate computer store take a random shot at fixing this without knowing the cost it would involve.

There is my venting, folks.


I feel a bit better.
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  1. Old
    xraylady33's Avatar
    You, know the problem is everyone want something for nothing, and then they cannot own up to their own not reading the full description...Random..sorry, you had to waste so much emotion on a random..idiot...see you have put so much thought in how he irritate you, and now I am rambleing, because he irritates me..oh my I feel better...
    Have a super day...
    Posted 07-14-08 at 07:03 PM by xraylady33 xraylady33 is offline
  2. Old
    Well, thank you for the rather kind reply.
    It is rather annoying to expel a certain amount of energy and emotion into one situation.

    Posted 07-15-08 at 04:23 AM by houts houts is offline
  3. Old
    The_Colossus's Avatar
    Good job not getting angry. Were all so much happier if we focus on the good and just let the bad stuff slide.
    Posted 07-18-08 at 01:32 PM by The_Colossus The_Colossus is offline
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