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Girlfriend who has a newly diagnosed ADD boyfriend

Posted 11-10-08 at 07:51 PM by PosterOfaGirl21
Well,hello World. I'm kinda new to this whole thing.I don't have ADD or ADHD myself,but I am in a relationship w/my boyfriend who was just diagnosed.He should have been diagnosed and put on medicine when he was younger,but his parents didn't want to because they didn't like the side effects or so.So now that he's in college,things have been oh so crazy for him in trying to focus on school,work,and life,and also our relationship.It's been a lot of ups and down---definitely a lot of downs.We've been...
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Just started Strattera

Posted 11-09-08 at 02:50 PM by annelyse
Hi, I am new to this site. I just recently have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and ADHD and my psychiatrist put me on strattera (18mg to start then 2 a day after a week). I just started 3 days ago and I am a little concerned about the side effects:
1. dizzyness, feel like fainting every time I get up.
2. irritability; this has always been a big issue with me and i feel like I am more so since I've started on the med.
3. sleepy: i thought since strattera was marketed...
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Annoyed With Myself

Posted 11-06-08 at 02:00 PM by x.MissSammie.x
Im really annoyed with myself at the moment.

It seems i can only Unhappy, moody, depressed or cant stop talking and just being really annoying.

Well today its been like that, i was fed up of feeling so depressed so i just tried to be happy but to be happy for me it means not to think about stuff so i had to keep my mind busy and that today was by talking lots and lots about random things to my boyfriend but it always ends up like im having a conversation to myself. I go...
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bouncing work shifts=bouncing brain???

Posted 11-06-08 at 11:12 AM by pADDyjay
today Im working 3-11.tomorrow 7-3 then2 more 3-11s then 7-3 then off for 2 days /I think Im too old for this It seems worses now that Im on adderall, but I was at 80mg ritalin and doc said wt 120
could not increase so switch to adderall/20 x3/ this seems to stay in my system longer but liked the way ritalin was fast in fast out so when I got home from work I could
unwind and go to bed get ready for next shift/ I need a full time job so shift work a must but whew Im too...
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How did I miss this?

Posted 11-04-08 at 05:55 PM by meriellyn
Hmm... I just found this blog thing here...
I've been using one of the journal threads lately since I had no idea about this option. Not sure what I think about it just yet though. We'll see.

I'm still having a problem with ZERO motivation this week. Super PMS hell.

Did make it out to vote today. Two hours in line.
If I have a shred of energy left I'm going to a little get-together for one of our local politicians tonight. The "big one" may or may...
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