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Posted 10-15-08 at 05:06 PM by Joe Dingman
I am 13 years old and i just got diagnosed with ADHD. My doctor put me on concerta. It seems to be helping. I would really appreciate some personal experiences that other people have had. And how they think concerta stands up to other medicines
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The cure is as bad as the condition.

Posted 10-15-08 at 01:59 AM by FrankyGee
Okay, here goes nothing. I don't want this blog to be a pity party, but it's nice to bark into the ether. Why? Because you folks don't know me -- it's that simple. I can say what ever I want and I don't have to worry about trust, raised eyebrows, whispers, rolling eyes, condescension, criticism, and on and on ad nauseum. Better yet, you get what I'm talking about because it's your reality, too. Folks who aren't can NOT understand it. "Oh, I often think I'm ADD." Yeah, well, that's because...
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Audio Journals

Posted 10-14-08 at 10:53 PM by anonone
I've begun keeping an audio journal, mainly because my hands are getting all ****ed up. It's very hard for me to audio journal rather than write out a journal, but maybe I should be practicing doing it audio style? In fact, that's just been promoted to a declairative statement.

I should be practicing keeping a journal audio style.

Yeah... So I don't know, I get off track, and forget to cover topics that I would have otherwise covered, and it takes longer, it's imposible...
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Quick before dinner boils away

Posted 10-14-08 at 10:30 PM by anonone
I was reading a post today on the forum, a really old one, too old to respond to, and there was a vid on it made by some ADD ppl from another ADD comunity only they charge $20 a month for membership! Just shameful I thought. Anyway, a frech speaking member of the forum strugled for the translation of the word "cacaphonie" in enlgish. I belive the word he was looking for was drivle, and quite consily sums up the contents of the aformentioned vid. But he also said that ADD ppl don't...
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Infuriated with youngsters teacher, give him a break he is 5yrs old WTF!

Posted 10-13-08 at 07:00 PM by Veggymel (Adventures In MellyLand)
It has been more than a few hours since this latest incident has pushed me over my boiling point. Here is what I posted in the threads on the actual board.

As if I don't have enough on my plate with recently being diagnosed myself with Adult ADD. I was already aware since age 7 that my oldest, now 13 yrs old has ADD which has caused countless issues in school and other social settings. Anyhow, back to my VENT LOL..... My husband and I strongly suspect that our 5 year old may
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