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in the begining

Posted 08-23-08 at 05:59 AM by s_gilman
im new to this site and i hope i can get the help i need. not only for my self but for my family and mostly my son. you see we both have been diagnosed with aspergers disorder (my son last year and my self when i was 5 or 6 although my mother never told me until my son was diagnosed.) the more i read about aspergers the more i realize that i could have had a better life if only i had the tools to deal with what was going on in my head. now dont get me wrong i have had a pretty good life, im not rich, but i have had allot of fun along the way. ive noticed that a great many people with aspergers are artistic in one way or another. take my self, i have had an interest in make up effects since i was 9 and when halloween rolls around i make extra money by working in haunted houses or doing private make up sessions for people going to parties and such (a few of which have won contests.) no im not trying to plug my business. in addition to make up i also paint, draw, and play guitar. some day i will have my own make up/stage set design studio. as for my son he likes to paint, draw, build with leggos, and play violin. but today i have to venture out into the world to find information on what i can do to make my sons life more comfortable than my own was when i became an adult. i dont have much time for this as of next month he will be 13! i know that if i can find the help i need i can get him ready to face the world with confidence instead of the fatalistic view he currently has. you know the attitude of "i cant do any thing right!" i know he can do better than i have done with my life so far, you see he is a bright kid. he just needs to get his frustration under control and focus on what is important to his needs and happiness. he has good days and bad days but mostly good and as he gets older and hormones take hold he is getting worse and i am at a loss as to what to do for him. i cant help thinking that maybe if i had been told of my own aspergers when i was younger i might have a clue as to what to do to help him. but i am not that lucky, so i have to go on what i know so far and seek out side help. i wish i had the money to afford insurance or for that matter less money so that i can get him on state assistance so that i could get him the counseling that he needs but in the state i live in you have to either be middle class,handicapped, or an immigrant to get any kind of help. the job i have now only pays $7.50 an hour and the cost of insurance for him and my self is way out of the budget even if i get insurance through the company i work for. well enough about that! currently im searching the web and my local library for any and all information i can find and hopefully i can gather enough knowledge along the way to give him a fighting chance. wish me luck!
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