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Yup Yup yup

Posted 05-29-08 at 01:44 AM by 4gotAgain
Well..I kinda messed up my natural eating plan a little bit.. I had some friends over last night and we ordered Hells pizza. Hells pizza is like the best thing ever! I got a vege mini pizza which is quite healthy. (Damned - onion, mushrooms, fresh spinach, avocado, pineapple, sundried tomatoes, cashews & camembert( The others got one of the meat pizzas. They also got a desert pizza to share (Unearthly- bannana, berry coulis, chocolate and custard). I had a peice of it and a few marshmellows It was so tempting. But its a one off treat. I'm really enjoying eating naturally

To make up for it, I'll run an extra km tonight lol.

Im finally sleeping earlier. Last night I fell asleep on the couch at around 10.30pm..probably not a good night for it though, having mates over and all. They didnt get to sleep til around 3.30am!

The weather's getting pretty cold. It was 6C this morning. Thats freezing az! It warmed up during the day - thank God! I dont mind if its cold as long as it's not rainy. Hopefully it's not a rainy winter this year. Though running in the rain does have a certain appeal to

Oh well bring on winter..running will keep me warm at least !!
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    Zach326's Avatar
    I love to go biking, especially incline riding - unfortunatly my bike was stolen and I have yet to get a new one.

    One thing I do remember is wearing to much clothing for the initial feeling of 'coldness' and then being WAY WAY to hot later on.

    I guess you can't have it both ways, ether cold early or too hot later.

    Do you enjoy running?

    If you find a form of exercise you enjoy you will be set for life!

    People who force them selves in to the gym everyday are just waiting for some form of depression to break there exercise schedual. :(

    I found all kinds of unique ways to stay in shape, unfortunately I got too creative and injured my self multiple times. :)

    No worries though!
    Posted 05-29-08 at 07:17 PM by Zach326 Zach326 is offline
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    4gotAgain's Avatar
    I love running. After so many kms of running you get to point where you get past the initual pain and dont feel anything. It's like your legs are moving on their own and your free to just think - theres like total clarity of thoughts.
    It's also one of those sports that you can always get better at, the more you train.

    I agree about the gets pretty boring. Being outside feeling the fresh air and being amongst nature is awesome!

    too bad you hurt yourself.
    lol..what kind of creative ways..if i may ask?
    Posted 05-30-08 at 02:59 PM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
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    Zach326's Avatar
    Self-made [COLOR=black]Obstacle [/COLOR]cources, sometimes i would go hiking and find heavy logs to lift and arrange in some fashion.

    Anything that you could use for exercise I would use for exercise or maybe try to improve my coordination.

    I really Enjoyed MMA and kick boxing - but I shouldn't compete any more - it was a sad day when I retired, a sad few months in fact.

    Though, any activity which involves some skill you can improve can be viewed as an exercise - just not always for your muscles.
    Posted 05-31-08 at 02:25 AM by Zach326 Zach326 is offline

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