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Addiction + self destruction = load of dung

Posted 04-12-08 at 04:20 AM by meadd823
Updated 04-12-08 at 04:56 AM by meadd823 (smelling spelling)
Addictions have been blamed on all sorts of things beginning with crap for morals, then spiritual brokenness, From spiritual causes we moved on to psychological factors - poor parenting, learned behaviors, repressed sexual feeling of what ever sick-o crap Freudians can think up.

Lately addictions have been linked to genetics and predispositions mixed with environmental triggers - and lastly the possibility of self medicating - which is at least getting in the ball park.

The idea that addicts are subconsciously trying to destroy them selves sounded good on the surface - Hey I use it for a while because I didn't have a better explanation. I do now

Considering we humans like all other living things are genetically encoded to survive. It makes little sense that the same subconscious that is coded to survive is secretly trying to bump me off, Where as I go my subconscious goes also - I began thinking some thing is not making sense here . . .

When my husband and I quit smoking last January some thing went snap crackle pop - the self destructive theory didn't hold up under my older more secure in my own reality scrutiny.

I noticed I had a harder time consecrating and I didn't feel as "chipper" as I normally do . My PMS blahs seemed to be much worse, My ADD medications did not seem to work as well and for a while I thought my world was going to unravel.

My husband wasn't doing any better. Those decisions he once made impulsively he seemed to be unable to concentrate long enough to make any decisions at all. He seemed like he as constantly lost in a brain fog, I noticed he was more forgetful more easily frustrated and we both noticed we felt more tired. ..

Thinking it was the Chantix we weaned ourselves off - but our symptoms continued to become worse. . . life was heading to hell in a hand basket . . .

Breaking the nicotine addiction was causing all of this ????

I had to remember how to go "google girl" - I began looking up mental effects of nicotine - by finding half hinnied objective stuff on nicotine was even more challenging then finding objective stuff on ADHD.

OKay I found so many studies on the links between conditions and various "addictions" I have a lot so I will only offer brief connections as I see them.

ADDers were once thought to be more likely to smoke cigarettes because of our lack of impulse control - okay we can kick that crap to the curb - again.

Nicotine and other nicotine agonists have been found to improve performance on attention and memory tasks.

Clinical studies using nicotine skin patches have demonstrated the efficacy of nicotine in treating cognitive impairments associated with Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Experimental animal studies have demonstrated the persistence of nicotine-induced working memory improvement with chronic exposure, in addition to the efficacy of a variety of nicotinic agonists.

Mechanistic studies have found that alpha7 and alpha4beta2 nicotinic receptors in the hippocampus are critical for nicotinic involvement in cognitive function. Clinical and experimental animal studies provide mutually supporting information for the development of novel nicotinic therapies for cognitive dysfunction. {End Quote}

Hmm so much for the impulsive theory crap - doesn't hold water just like I said it didn't two years ago. . . nicotine use is self medicating but in reality we aren't far off - we are using the substance that addresses our problem. Now for a species genetically encoded to survive that make more sense.

Glimpsing Promise in the Drug We Love to Hate

Richard Doll and Richard Peto found in their long-term study of 34,000 British physicians that nonsmokers were in fact three times more likely to die of Parkinson’s disease than smokers.

As we have seen, cognitive testing shows that nicotine helps the brain focus on important stimuli and to filter out unwanted stimuli. People with schizophrenia tend to have a hard time with such focusing and are easily distracted by background noises that unaffected people usually ignore, such as the humming of a refrigerator or a computer.{End Quote}

Having trouble with that selective attention span - does your brain either absorb it all at once because your filter got stuck - or do you find yourself lost in brain fog on the mind because your filtering valve snapped shut - you might have ADD. . .

Hello - kicking butt and taking names . . . .

When we quit smoking - many of us turn to food - and the studies were not hard to find

Food and Mood

Serotonin is formed in the brain from the amino acid tryptophan after we eat carbohydrates. While some carbohydrate food intake is needed to keep normal serotonin production, the foods that lead to the greatest serotonin production–starches and sugars–need to be eaten in moderation in order to control body weight and diabetes risk. Many people today crave starches, such as bread and potatoes, and sugary foods, leading to excessive intake. This eating pattern, often called comfort-food craving, may be driven by high levels of chronic stress.

Chronic stress leads to the production of excess stress hormones in the body, primarily cortisol. When cortisol is produced, it inhibits serotonin production. We feel more anxious and depressed when serotonin levels drop and sleep is disrupted. When sleep is disturbed due to low serotonin, cortisol levels are increased and serotonin levels are depleted. This becomes a vicious cycle associated with insulin resistance and weight gain
{End Quote}

I already have bipolar and metabolism written out I will have to post it up here - one of these days.

bipolar and addiction

Patients with both conditions also made more suicide attempts (46% vs. 33%, P=0.02), had more violent episodes (42% vs. 22%, P<0.0001), had an earlier age of onset of bipolar disorder (13.9 + 7.8 years, vs. 18+ 8.6, P<0.0001), and high risk of onset of substances addition in adolescence (P<0.05).
{End Quote}

Smoking and the depression connection.

Approximately 25% of North America's population smokes regularly (MMWR, 2001 ). The lifetime prevalence for major depressive disorder (MDD) among smokers ranges from 31 to 60% (Glassman et al., 1988 ) compared with 24.9% in never-smokers (Kendler et al., 1993 ). {End Quote}

Hypoglycemia and Alcoholism

Researcher and author Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D., found on the basis of six-hour glucose tolerance tests that between 75 and 90 percent of alcoholics studied were hypoglycemic. "Too much therapeutic emphasis has been placed on psychological factors," says Cheraskin" while more basic biochemical deficiencies and defects in body chemistry have received relatively little attention."{End Quote}

This article discusses some of the major nutritional causes for alcohol addiction and cravings. These include nutrient deficiencies, toxic metal excess, adrenal gland exhaustion or overactivity, hypoglycemia and chronic yeast infection in the intestines.{End Quote}

~All underlining, bold and Text color changes in source quotes mine~

Bottom line - we may very well be self medicating with our addictions however I belive we tend to be drawn to use the right chemicals because we know what makes us feel better. As a species humans knows what make us feel better -our problems tend to be with proper balance. One asprin makes us feel better so the entire bottle ought to make us feel great - that is the matalinity that gets us into trouble so often.

According to these studies - , Cigarettes address our ability to focus, alcohol increase our blood sugar and those cookies really can be used to make sertonin. I just don''t need to eat the whole damn box . . . but if one cookie makes me feel better then the entire box should have me feeling great -

I will not doubt those who really relate to this feeling of self distruction being the cause of thier addiction. I refuse to insist the world must experience "addiction" as I did how ever striving to find a better place for my own survival sure makes a lot more sense for me.

Any way just a little thought here and there to keep my mind occupied during my participation in the "the effectiveness of the Feingold diet" thread. If I didn't have some form of study project on the side I tend to respond in those discussions to strongly leaving others feeling "bowled over" . . .

I wonder those people could tell I was distracted - this idea here is what I really have been studying on. . . {shrug} Hope it helps some one.
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  1. Old
    Mincan's Avatar
    I read this whole thing and I say this is great work! I was a smoker for two weeks, that was enough for me. It seems to have permanently (So far) screwed up the pressure in my head, my balances, I get headaches now, it basically sux. But damn did they feel good once I stopped tripping all over the place from the brain hemoragging and oxygen starvation.... hmmm noooo!

    Anyway, I have toyed with the idea in my head of buying a pack of 2mg nicotine patches and trying one on for a day (without Dexedrine of course!). But I never do, figure to stick with what works and of course nicotine is extremely addictive... so far don't see to be addicted physically to anything.
    Posted 04-12-08 at 08:39 PM by Mincan Mincan is offline
  2. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    great peice of writing. it makes alot of sense.
    could it also be the same with caffeine? since alot of meds which help with symptoms of adhd are stimulants. and caffiene is also a stimulant??

    do you think alchohol could bring about hypoglycemia? rather than the other way around...just wondering?

    lol about eating the whole the same with food. it feels good eating it so i wong stop. im finding that i have to buy just enough for the meal im about to eat.
    rather than buy a whole weeks worth of food goes rather quickly..

    really do agree with our bodies knowing what we need and thats why we crave certain foods. COuld that be the same with pregnant women? maybe they need the foods they crave after? not sure..
    its like after a long run, i crave salty food..(you lose alot of sodium in your sweat after long runs) and of course crave carbs. me alot to think about..
    Posted 04-13-08 at 04:09 AM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  3. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    but what about people who overeat foods? our bodies dont need half of what we sometimes eat?
    or is that more a mental/emotional problem?
    ive read that some of the chemicals that are in our food and drinks can make us crave food more?
    then again as you say, its alot to do with our mentality..that more of the same thing will make us feel better. when that is really a misconception.
    Posted 04-13-08 at 04:12 AM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  4. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    but also in past generations our bodies could eat more because we were exercising more. Nowadays technological developments mean we dont exercise as we dont need as much calories to burn off as we did in generations beforehand.
    sorry if ive gone off topic..
    Posted 04-13-08 at 04:13 AM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  5. Old
    meadd823's Avatar
    Cigarettes were the only thing that really got me "hooked" although I enjoy caffeine quitting it is nothing like stopping smoking - despite the difficult withdraw I still believe my cigarette smoking like my caffeine use is an attempt to correct my dopamine levels. I am trying exercise although I do good deal of lifting at work I still need to squeeze in some aerobic exercise - now the billion dollar question is why bad habits are so much easier to acquire than good ones -

    Thanks for reading. . .
    Posted 04-13-08 at 04:15 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
  6. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    oh i see. no worries. yeah have heard that exercise is really good..

    sorry to go off in a tangent before..tend to do that..
    Posted 04-13-08 at 04:26 AM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  7. Old
    meadd823's Avatar
    Your fine the danm system ate my response
    Posted 04-13-08 at 04:28 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
  8. Old
    meadd823's Avatar
    Genetics of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

    The modern generalization of sedentary life and caloric abundance has created new physiological conditions capable of changing the level of expression of a number of genes involved in fuel metabolism and body weight regulation. It is likely that the genetic variants or alleles of these genes have in the past participated in the adaptation of human physiology to its evolutionary constraints. The nature and prevalence of polymorphisms responsible for the quantitative variation of complex metabolic traits may have been different among human populations, depending on their environment and ancestral genetic background{End Quote}

    I think you hit the answer pretty well on target - calorie consumption is only half the story as you accurately indicate - the lack of physical activity is also a problem in todays world. Mankind has altered his environment faster than his body can biologically adapt.

    My ex-husband and daughter tend to eat once a day but over eat when they do - he is diabetic and she is heading that way - the reason those who are already over weight tend to over eat is they are biologically designed to store fuel via fat storage - my ex-husband has a lot on native American in his blood line. The native Americans in certain area went through period of starvation. Those whose body was best able to store fat could survive without eating the longest.

    If the food supplies got cut off tomorrow it would be the type two diabetic who would live the longest - in fact of our food sources were cut off on a regular basis type two diabetes would no longer be a genetic condition it would be rather handy.

    I believe addictions are an attempt to correct imbalances and many conditions are not caused by individual failings but are due to the fact we have altered our environment too quickly and our bodies are not able to adapt quickly enough and if we want to survive we need to quit telling people they are screwed up and teach them how to adapt their life style to fit their genetics.
    Posted 04-13-08 at 04:38 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
  9. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    thanks for the info.
    had to use a dictionary to understand that first paragraph lol..but i get it.
    So that woule be why some races and tribal groups, put on weight alot easier than others. There bodies where designed to fit their environment. I guess that goes the same with skin colour and melanin as well as metabolism.
    Would that mean peoples minds are also designed to think a certain way. Like areas where the people hunted for their foods? Also warrior type societies? Would the though patterns of then affect how people of the same culture think now? Do people adapt to their environments or does it take a few generations for that to happen? What happens if two different cultures mix? Does it depend on what genes they get from each side?
    if society is constantly changing...does that mean there will always be those who lag behing or are ahead?

    So because society is still altering and new developments are always happening..will our bodies ever adapt?

    I agree we do need to teach ourselves to adapt to fit their genetics...So basically that means that they should not lump all people into learning things the same way right? They should identify the different thinkers, learners, body types etc and teach them in the way that suits them. In that way they can get the full benefits from each group? Would that make a better society? our would that split people up and create more problems?
    or do people need to identify that themselves and work out the way that they learn?
    Posted 04-13-08 at 05:10 AM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  10. Old
    murphy40's Avatar
    Heck, girl. Kudos for you for being able to quit. My boyfriend and I talk about it, have the morning cough, but the need....ugh!!! Addiction to a soothing hyperfocus is what I love about smoking. It's calming and I space out into nothingness. Ofcourse, it's killing me..I guess. No wonder PMS wasn't festive afterwards. No s...t!!! The statistical info was a bit depressing, but most likely true.
    Good blog.

    Posted 04-14-08 at 06:28 PM by murphy40 murphy40 is offline
  11. Old
    meadd823's Avatar
    agree we do need to teach ourselves to adapt to fit their genetics...So basically that means that they should not lump all people into learning things the same way right? They should identify the different thinkers, learners, body types etc and teach them in the way that suits them. In that way they can get the full benefits from each group? Would that make a better society? our would that split people up and create more problems?
    Diversity is very necessary for a society to thrive - - being different isn't what causes the split - it is the expectation that we all fit into a box that causes the problems.

    If we were all farmers then there would be no internet, air travel - we would still be getting around by hoarse and buggy using kerosene - if all were inventors the population would be a lot hungrier. . . .we need both farmers and inventors - we need the trash man and the brain surgeon - yet we expect all these various people to learn the same way - it make no sense. . ..

    Sorry it took so long for me to respond -life has been kicking my buttocks
    Posted 04-21-08 at 06:12 PM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
  12. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    I understand. im sorry to hear that, hope everything is getting better?

    yeah i agree that diversity is very necessary.
    I also dont understand why people arent encouraged more to think differently and come up with new ideas. It doesnt make sense...because as you said, different thinking is necessary for the world to develop and evolve.

    Though i guess to think like an inventor and creativity, often cannot be taught.
    But of course different people do learn differently ay.
    Do you think they should set up different classes for students that think differently? or different schools? or..?
    is it human nature for people to always discredit the minority? so the minority type always feel less accepted? and society usually is shaped around the majority types thinking, lifestyle..?
    Posted 04-22-08 at 04:20 AM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  13. Old
    meadd823's Avatar
    Yes but some similarities are necessary to act as “glue” so to speak. Here of ADDF we even require some similarities in order to become and remain a member of this on-line society –

    In this case it is a life that effected ADD, access to a computers, ability to communicate in English, and the ability and willingness to “play” by a set of rules in our interactions

    We have those who are inattentive, hyperacitive young and old how ever as long as we fit the criteria above we are able to function within the group. If one of the above criteria is missing them that individual will not make it in the social structure we refer to as ADDF – sameness and “playing” by the same set of rules is required to a certain extent in all groups lest they fall into chaos and fail to evolve.
    Posted 04-28-08 at 12:29 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
  14. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    true, so in other words, all types of people are needed for society to function, but they all have to work in unity. And they all have to obey the same rules and follow the same social structure?
    even if they have different ways of doing both of those things?
    so as long as you are obeying those sets of rules, then you are free to do however you please?
    so..if people act/think/are differently, then people will go about doing things differently right? So wouldnt the rules still help the majority? or will it just be what is most logical and helps society better as a whole?
    Posted 04-28-08 at 05:12 AM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  15. Old
    meadd823's Avatar
    We have to be alike enough to relate on some level so we have some common ground that binds up together as a group however we have to have enough diversity to have different strengths to offer -

    I have several sheets of research and several post I will have to pull it together and make a blog entry about the necessity of diversity verses needing to be the same. I may do that for one of my blog entries
    Posted 05-09-08 at 03:51 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
  16. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    that would be a very interesting read!
    Posted 05-09-08 at 04:01 AM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  17. Old
    doiadhd's Avatar
    I always wondered why I got so stressed out when I could no longer smoke at work anymore.

    And this no-smoking ban........must be a good thing.

    I would not even attempt to stop smoking without some form of solid plan

    Thanks again Mead !Wow...super mod.
    Posted 07-12-09 at 04:55 AM by doiadhd doiadhd is offline
  18. Old

    ADD Medication long term.

    All my life I had ADD. It was not diagnosed as a child because of large class sizes and my will power to learn. Throughout my life any feelings of sadness I had came from an inability to learn, or socially connect with my peers in a fashion I wanted(being myself) Eventually it lead me down a dark road and a depression. I got the help I needed and was prescribed 150mg of Wellbutrin, and 5mg of Adderall. Since then my life has been phenominal. I can fill in what were once empty gaps in my life that led to sadness/frustration/anxiety; with social interactions and learning things I want to learn. My concern is my doctor told me I am going to have to stay on these medications for the rest of my life. I am 24 years old, don't drink, don't do drugs, exercise daily, don't eat junk food, am huge into nutrition and a well balanced lifestyle. I am afraid of the impacts these 2 drugs might have when I get older since I will be on them for life. Could you please inform me of anything specific I need to be aware of, or what I should do to help sustain this level of concentration I currently have throughout my life?
    Posted 03-06-10 at 01:56 PM by pjfbrules pjfbrules is offline
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