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January 14, 2010

Posted 01-14-10 at 08:12 PM by Cacho

Well, I got a few more resumes in yesterday, but I had quite a few blah hours, hours in which I wasn't doing what I wanted to be doing.

I think this is one of the biggest things I want to change about myself. I want to be able to decide ahead of time what I will do, and do it. The problem is that I often don't consciously decide what I should be doing. When I do decide what I should be doing, I often get distracted by a little something worth investigation, and then when I get back to work a few minutes later... it's a few HOURS later. I think I've been doing something for minutes when it's actually been hours.

The one solution that really seems to help is the old egg timer. If it's right next to me counting down, I'll glance over at it every now and then, so I have a sense of time.

I think one of the problems I've always had with trying to deal with my distractability, disorganization, ADHD is that I'll make good progress, and I'll feel like I've got things under control, and eventually things unravel again. To combat this, I'll start a gradual tiered goal setting system. I'm not sure what the goals will be, but when I achieve one, I'll think up the next one. This way if things unravel, I can just go back to the tier they have unraveled to and start again.

So I'll retro actively achieve my first goal today!

Goal 1 Write down what I do every half hour of the day.
If I notice I'm not doing what I want to be doing, write, "Blah"
It's fine if I take breaks, but I have to declare them at the beginning of the half hour.
YAY! I've been writing down what I've been doing since January 1, 2010. I've often done this before, but never for this long.

Looking back on how I use my time, I'm very concerned by the amount of Blah time (wasted time).

Goal 2 Reduce the percent of Blah time to less than 5% for 2 consecutive day.
In progress
That's still about 1 hour of wasted time. That seems reasonable.

If this wasted time were time where I decided to watch TV or do something else it wouldn't upset me so much, but this wasted time is generally time I WANT to spend working, but I spend doing pretty much nothing (Twitter, cleaning an obscure corner of the house (not the place that should be cleaned), whatever.

  1. [X] Write down how you spend your time
  2. [ ] Reduce "lost" time to less than 5% a day for 2 days straight

  1. Am using Samurize to write down what I should be doing RIGHT NOW on my desktop.
  2. Am finding that using a text file for to do lists is superior to Outlook. This is because it is to easy to ignore tasks in Outlook by "reshuffling / recategorizing" them. In a text file you have to physically type out each task or line number of each task to interact with it. This makes the process slower and more thoughtful.
  3. I'll put up a time map later. I don't have time now, but yesterday I wasted 5.5 hours! This is way more than usual, and it is what got me thinking about all of this.
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