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Girlfriend who has a newly diagnosed ADD boyfriend

Posted 11-10-08 at 07:51 PM by PosterOfaGirl21
Well,hello World. I'm kinda new to this whole thing.I don't have ADD or ADHD myself,but I am in a relationship w/my boyfriend who was just diagnosed.He should have been diagnosed and put on medicine when he was younger,but his parents didn't want to because they didn't like the side effects or so.So now that he's in college,things have been oh so crazy for him in trying to focus on school,work,and life,and also our relationship.It's been a lot of ups and down---definitely a lot of downs.We've been together for a year.Things can be really frustrating with him and I am trying to help him through this.I know he's going through a lot,but I don't know sometimes. I want this relationship to work b/c I love him, I just don't know how/if we'll get through it sometimes.I feel as if I am constantly "nagging" but I am just reminding him of things he forgets to do,we get into lots of arguments where he gets overwhelmed and I end up exploding on him.It's just a lot.So I figured I'd come on here to see if maybe there were other people who could help me/us. I've never dealt with this before and definitely want to stick through this relationship.Some days are just harder than others....I just feel alone in dealing with this/us because I know he doens't mean to do the things he does and I hate the fact that I get impatient and then we get into arguments and then it's just a cycle. anyway,I guess I'll see.
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    Juliak's Avatar
    first of all, stop "nagging" him because that is the worst thing ever (no offense, but i know i always get angry when someone nags me, then i get frustrated and all of a sudden im rreally worked up over some one trying to be nice.). secondly, you might want to try to get a book or something about ADD, so you can know more about why he might do what he does. this may be a hard part but when you fight, just remember that people with ADD/ADHD are more likely to act without thinking first and he will probally feel bad later (i know i always do.). Good Luck!
    Posted 11-11-08 at 03:24 PM by Juliak Juliak is offline
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    Genius/CrAzY?'s Avatar
    First, if he is taking medication, he will probably crash off the med about 7-8 pm if he takes it in the morning. After that it will be the very worst time to talk to him about much of anything.

    The crash will leave him exhausted mentally, emotionally but not always physically. If his meds are prescribed correctly, you will be able to communicate very well during the day and he will understand your perspective. Just make sure your not the crazy one. Don't try to over justify your position on any one issue, it will frustrate him, thats where the "overwhelmed" issue comes in.

    Most ADD/ADHD people are type A personalities. Look into this. Understanding how he thinks psychologicly is very important. For example, concider your "nagging" issue. People with type A personalities get irritated when confronted with an issue that cannot be "fixed". If you looking for an outlet for your emotions, call a girlfriend. He will get frustrated because he can't fix your emotions. If your car breaks down or an appliance flips out.....he can do that!

    Lastly, it takes a very special person to love and tolerate a person with ADD/ADHD. You have to decide if your love for him is strong enough to operate within these parameters. You will have to do most of the sacraficing but there will be times he will amaze you with acts of love, gentleness and compassion.

    Good luck.
    Posted 01-08-09 at 01:35 AM by Genius/CrAzY? Genius/CrAzY? is offline
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