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A Brief history....of me...

Posted 02-08-08 at 11:33 AM by scottm
Since everyone else is posting stories of themselves I thought I might do the same. Or at least try.

I got thinking last night about how and why I do the things I do. All my years, up until the age of 25-27 I never got hooked on drugs, booze or medication. I was in a very high stimulating job with extremely high stimulating activities outside the job. I count myself lucky as I have experienced things that few people get to experience.

It was later, around 2000-2001 that...
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Posted 02-07-08 at 05:13 PM by SuperChan
Lately I have had a very tough time at home. My husband and I are bi-polar; he has PTSD too. To add to the mix, my son is ADHD and High-functioning autistic.

Well, my son's meds aren't working as well, and my husband seems to think he knows everything about bi-polar symptoms, even though he has only been diagnosed for the past two weeks. I am on my way to the down part of my cycle and I am sick of only having a med for the part of the cycle I am on. Until recently my insurance...
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Sleep... and the Schedule You're Supposed to Do it On.

Posted 02-07-08 at 03:28 PM by nikkiana (Getting Through)
One of the things that came up several times when I was discussing going on medication with my psychologist and my doctor was the fact that stimulants can mess up your sleep schedule. Make sure to take it in the morning, so it's not keeping you up at night.

I nodded dumbly along, and wondered if it was something that was going to affect me... and felt frusterated because words like Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, and Night don't mean the same thing for me than they do for the rest...
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Film night with Vergès

Posted 02-07-08 at 12:44 PM by Ian
Updated 02-07-08 at 12:49 PM by Ian (typo and catagory)
Went into the city with a friend for film night to see Terror's Advocate. We hadn't been all winter and we both like independent film a lot. The film last night dove tailed into a Noam Chomsky book I was given as a gift recently called What We Say Goes very well. It was a story of Jacques Vergès. The film mostly consisted of interviews with him and those that knew him. It was an outstanding look at a history I had little acquaintance with. I did not even know the name Vergès and my mind was...
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In All seriousnessusususus

Posted 02-07-08 at 09:52 AM by scottm
I think this weekend I will go down to my recording studio and start writing again. It's been a long time and is probably a great way to get out a lot of built up frustration.

It was either this, or write my book about Procrastination but I decided to hold off on that until tommorow.

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