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July 15 2011
There are two ways of viewing the question of ADHD. One is that of a discrete disease entity caused primarily by genetic causation (the Vulnerability Hypothesis).

The other is that the genetic contribution to ADHD does not encode an inevitable predisposition to dysfunction but that the dysfunction in ADHD is due to a mismatch between the temperamental differences encoded by our genetic heritage and current environmental conditions as defined by the way our society currently chooses to do business (The Sensitivity Hypothesis).

I believe that there are numerous flaws in the reasoning that increasingly emphasises genetic causation and neglects epigenetic causation (up to and including transient psychosocial aspects of epigenetic causation). Not only is this position intellectually flawed, but it is a bad idea for any person to believe this sort of idea about themselves.

The suggestibility of human beings, our vulnerability to negative thinking, the ease with which we can be conditioned by the mainstream consensus are well known- how else do we explain the many atrocities committed by members of apparently civilised societies?

In this context, one of the most critical positive health practices that any of us can learn is that of not accepting negative labeling such as the negative stereotyping involved in the vulnerability hypothesis of the genetics of ADHD.

I believe there are many reasons for believing that the biomedical establishment is so deeply entrenched in its current ways of thinking that it cannot even appreciate the flaws in its own logic.

These flaws are increasingly being pointed out by many psychiatric commentators , such as Allen Frances, the editor in chief of DSM IV.
They have also been highlighted by the many researchers who have a more general view of psychology and are not over invested in the diagnostic criteria as defined by DSM.
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Statement on my medical Registration as of 14 Feb 2016

Posted 02-13-16 at 04:37 PM by Kunga Dorji
Updated 02-13-16 at 06:17 PM by namazu (ADDF guidelines prohibit sharing identifying information.)
Dear all,

Here is my blog:

I direct your attention to the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority page covering my medical registration:
All of you should by now be aware that my licence to practice has been suspended by the Victorian Medical Board.


The following statement has been shared with my close colleagues and with key advisers.

This is going to turn into a major scandal and I will be calling for the imprisonment of the key player.

The action I am taking can be used as a template to permanently derail and marginalise the "ADHD does not exist " crowd and is already being used as a template for consumer action by other activist groups.

I perfected the model a few weeks ago and gave it to some other friends in need.

This action is too late to stop and my intention is to force the hierarchiacal control system of AHPRA to collapse under the weight of legally appropriate notifications that it receives.

So the statement thus far:


I am clear that there are serious legal problems with the case made against me and that there is good evidence of both incompetence and malice.
All of this has been well documented and all conversations have been recorded.

I will not enter into an conversation with others who are not clear supporters unless they are recorded, or minuted and confirmed in email.

In the short term this presents us all with problems in ensuring patient continuity.

This is a clear case of sham peer review and is part of a longer term pattern of harassment by both AHPRA and my former MDO MIPS that commenced when I started openly referring patients to chiropractors and speaking out about the abuse of my friend and former psychiatrist Dr Bill O.

The matter will be pushed aggressively in the courts, in the media and at the Senate investigation to bullying in the medical profession, and especially into the use of AHPRA as a means of controlling professionals who impinge upon the profitability of the incumbent power groups within medicine.

I have been given access to a legal team not beholden to the Medical Profession ( The MDOs can be a problem here due to conflict of interest), and to journalists likely to be trustworthy enough to public an uncorrupted version of the story.
The full story will be up for sale on the open market and I will spend time this week recruiting an appropriate agent to manage this and to maximise my sale price.
My colleagues at HPARA are assisting me with this and will expedite access to senators Madigan and Xenophon.
I will be aiming for an injunction, I will be pursuing defamation suits and looking for very substantial damages, I am looking into criminal proceedings and will be making multiple submissions to the Senate committee both about the treatment I have received and especially the assassination by process of Dr Bill O.
I am also going to make a complaint to the ACCC, and will pursue notifications against any doctors involved for breaches of the AMA code of conduct.

It is very clear that the complaints of certain doctors that ADHD does not exist and the science for it is invalid fall into the same broad category as the allegations of quackery against chiropractors.

In fact all of these claims are effectively lying to the public in order to ensure that incumbent power groups capture a wider segment of the market for health dollars.

I am at a conference with a number of chiropractors this weekend and am helping them set up a structure to deal with the persistent anti chiropractic claims that surface in the media.
I am explaining to them how to use the ACCC and the AMA code of conduct, to protect their interests.

This statement should be given to all my patients and to all staff and practitioners at VCPS

As soon as I have legal approval it will be circulated far more widely.

What has happened has traumatised and caused loss to all members of my family and I will be seeking full recompense.

I am not a good person to cross.

( PS AHPRA have pursued the same kind of action against me three times. Did they not think the pattern would become obvious by the third time?
Clearly their operations represent institutionalised stupidity- and it is time that the incumbents were thrown out).
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