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Lest We Forget

Posted 12-20-10 at 03:50 PM by Imnapl
It bothers me that people seem to forget the voice of experience. People forget all of us who lived the most important times of ours lives unmedicated and then when we medicate, they accuse us of having a polarized view, a pro-medication view. Why don't they ask us why or listen when we tell them?

Sometimes people assume because we are on medication, that we always had the opportunity and the choice to do so. Other people make us feel guilty for taking medication without bothering...
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what was lost was found

Posted 08-05-09 at 04:23 AM by pADDyjay
I thought I lost a precious friend...tears were a part of the day when I thought of
his missing presence in my life.
now the space that was his is not empty anymore....he filled it and more today...

tears are happy ones now...the precious friend heard my sadness and replaced it with joy just took two words

my two words for a friend are thank-you
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Intellectconnect Profile

Posted 06-17-10 at 05:59 PM by CrystalShiloh (Is There a Better Life For Me? A Blog By CrystalShiloh)
Updated 06-17-10 at 06:05 PM by CrystalShiloh (I am a perfectionist)
Says the cheshire cat, "Mean what you say, and say what you mean."

It is absolutely crucial to me that my friends accept me as I am unconditionally and so I present an authentic self perception. That perception is not at all static; it is dynamic. I see myself as being in a constant state of becoming. It takes at least a lifetime. Nothing can be clear cut positive/negative. Everything contains the potentiation to be either; it is a matter of perception....
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The ADDForums Blogging System is now Opened

Posted 02-04-08 at 08:09 PM by David
I decided to go ahead and purchase the vBulletin Blog addition for use here at ADDF. This is still an early incarnation of the system so hopefully there will be many more features to come that will be useful to everyone who would like to have their own Blogs.

Enjoy! And if you have any questions, please post them in the Site Suggestions area as my activity here is sporadic and I would hate for anyone to ask a question or make a comment and it be overlooked.

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Jumping.. In slow motion
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Running and ADHD presentation

Posted 02-05-08 at 01:05 AM by Ian
Updated 02-05-08 at 01:16 AM by Ian
I'm having a tough time believing that reducing my runs from four to three times a week and turning two of the three into more instense runs has demanded so much more out of my quads. I was supposed to run on Saturday, but was just too short of sleep to muster it. I ran on Sunday and logged four miles with the middle two at tempo pace. I was tired today, but ran a slow three miles anyway. I look pale. Life is just busy, that's it, that's all, that's everything.

I'm getting some...
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