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Posted 08-29-08 at 02:34 PM by ggal
Boy, is that not the truth or what? I seriously could not wait for today to come. I'm so ready for a relatively relaxing weekend.

Plans? Well, tonight is Bgirl's first time out on the field with her marching band. It's the first football game of the year here, so we're all going to that.

Saturday, I've got to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to bring the male kittens to get their ho-ho's taken off. Yup...time to get 'em fixed. Ms. Emmy will be going in on...
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How it's going for me at present

Posted 08-28-08 at 06:58 PM by justcallmedorie
I'm on day 16 of my meds (first time on something beside Strattera) and while I could feel something the first few days, now I'm wondering if they're even working at all. Dex. Doc started me out on 5 mg in the am for 3 days, then add 2.5 mg in the afternoon for three days, and continue to titrate up (adding 2.5 mg every 3 days) until optimum dosage is reached. Problem is, I'm not sure how to determine that. And I guess I really can tell that they're working, I just haven't been in a "challenging"...
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Posted 08-28-08 at 10:18 AM by ggal
Thanks for the comments, y’all.

So…the latest.

G’s ex’s lawyer, at the last minute, succeeds in postponing the court date for one month. Her claims: 1. That this was the first setting of the case (an out and our lie—first court date was in Dec of 07) and 2. That we didn’t giver her proper 45 day notice (not needed because this was not the FIRST setting of the case) and 3. That the lawyer was out of the country until Aug 5 (oh boo f**kin’ hoo).

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Perspective – is a choice not a predetermination

Posted 08-28-08 at 08:03 AM by meadd823
Updated 04-26-10 at 02:59 AM by meadd823
Some times I feel like because I chose to see the positive with the negative people think my life is some how not hard. My challenges are not what theirs are or perhaps my ADD isn’t as bad as theirs. I keep trying to explain perspective is a choice not a predetermination – we may be born with a set point in weight, temperament and even mood however to the best of my knowledge perspective is still a choice.

The first time I heard the saying a man is about as happy as he makes up his...
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Posted 08-27-08 at 04:12 PM by houts
I've started to run, again. It is a bit exciting to start pounding on the trail. And honestly I've missed doing so. I used to be a great track/cross country runner. In my 'younger' years. Before the accident and several other mishaps along the way. Then I hit the wall and could not continue anymore. The fire was extinguished before I even knew it. Running was a way of life, but it was all-or-nothing. Either I did it because I loved it or I moved on.

Now, I have figured out that is...
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