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The Labels we carry are they good, bad or do they matter

Posted 05-06-08 at 06:54 AM by meadd823

In a recent discussion

{Forcing opinions on others}Why are there so many anti-drug treatment people on here?

I was in the notion that there are people who are placed into categories became apparent. I think we have know this for some time however the discussion finally allowed this knowledge to be openly discussed for the first time that I am aware of.

The particular...
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My Hubby- The Kitten Rescue Ranger

Posted 04-28-08 at 05:09 AM by meadd823

~All images can be clicked to enlarge~

Gary rescued a couple of babies from a business associate. This "person" locked his cat eating mutt in a pallet yard with a momma cat and her kittens -the dog killed all be the two we have. At first the guy was going to keep one of them but with much shrieking from me on the other end of the phone we were able...
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Addiction + self destruction = load of dung

Posted 04-12-08 at 04:20 AM by meadd823
Updated 04-12-08 at 04:56 AM by meadd823 (smelling spelling)
Addictions have been blamed on all sorts of things beginning with crap for morals, then spiritual brokenness, From spiritual causes we moved on to psychological factors - poor parenting, learned behaviors, repressed sexual feeling of what ever sick-o crap Freudians can think up.

Lately addictions have been linked to genetics and predispositions mixed with environmental triggers - and lastly the possibility of self medicating - which is at least getting in the ball park.
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And These People Lable Me Dysfunctional=wtf?

Posted 03-10-08 at 06:24 AM by meadd823
Updated 03-12-08 at 04:28 AM by meadd823
~Copied from my blog on myspace~

Okay so I have a hard time consciously filtering out un-necessary stimuli so I can focus on some thing in particular. I spent most of my life being bombarded by the world around me, some times I decided to bombard it back. Normally though I just tried to move, for some reason movement helped me clear my head. I was able to sort and separate the nine trillion bits of information my brain was attempting to process and every given time of the day. I lacked...
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The Secret is. . . . . .

Posted 03-09-08 at 12:16 PM by meadd823
This subject recently rekindled my attention via this thread

Whoa nelly! The secret... or, dare i say it... a crock!

Originally Posted by aloha1983
See, he's really into that 'The Secret' book and DVD, and takes it to the extreme. Like, I bought my ADD upon myself in a past life. I CHOSE to have it, and clinical depression. It was all caused by my subconscious thoughts, etc.

Then he had the audacity to say that his boss (who has tragically just miscarried) bought the miscarriage
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