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AmirGTR 08-09-17 05:19 PM

Monster Energy "Utlra Blue" - How it Affected my ADHD
Long post, but trust me. Read on.

Yesterday at work, I sat at my desk, watching Youtube and checking Facebook all day long, looking for that "energy" or focus to kick in, to start doing my work. I assume we've all been "there", I'm there almost every day.

It never came. At 5 PM, I finally snapped out and realized I hadn't done anything. I scrambled, and even in the face of absolute frustration and urgency (which is usually when I have the highest motivation), the moment I tried to do something, I felt like I hit a brick wall going a 200mph. I simply could not gather my focus or get myself to do anything at all.

I felt like giving up. Quit my quite 9-5 consulting job, go back to my old job where loud and anxious co-workers constantly kept me on my toes all day.

It's worth noting at this point that typically caffeine and cigarettes help me slightly, but the effects are relatively minor and short-lived.

Today, on my way to work I picked up a Monster Energy Ultra Blue. I had remembered way back when I had my Java Programming exam and had to learn the whole damn book in 3 days, this thing gave me super powers. I remember it cost me some muscle mass last time (which for a gym rat like me is no option). Then again, extreme times need extreme measures. Time to try this ******* poison again!

I was walking to the door, sipping my Monster and smoking the camel wide, talking to myself "I will get **** done TODAY".

About 2 or 3 sips in, suddenly the world stopped in its tracks. A nearly identical sensation to addys. It was like the blue pill from the movie "Lucy". My perception became clearer. The dust had finally settled. The storm had calmed.

I was overcome with a feeling of absolute control. My speech, mood, coordination, focus, will power, processing power. Everything suddenly at 100%, like I just got a power-up in a video game. I could even stop myself from being distracted, directing my attention to anything I wish, an unusual feeling for me.

I've been killing it all day today, about go keep going. But I just had to share this. I honestly have seen nothing like it, not even the other flavors of Monster Energy. I have had other people try it and they reported similar effects.

But why? Is it the vitamins Bs? The Amino Acids? Caffeine? Nope, I have those every day, in the form of BCAA, multivitamins and Hyrdoxycut. Inositol? Research indicates no effect.

So what it is? Why does this specific flavor of Monster, the "Ultra Blue" have this incredible effect on me? Am I the only one? I promise you I'm not some energy drink promoter, I genuinely want to know what's happening. We owe it to ourselves to get to the bottom of this. I don't think this is exactly good for my heart, and if I can save myself $4 a day and the muscle mass loss, I would love to.

Shelsi 08-09-17 10:35 PM

Re: Monster Energy "Utlra Blue" - How it Affected my ADHD
Well call me crazy but I bet it's the food coloring, presumably the blue #1.

Me & my 2 kids have ADHD and we're all affected differently by artificial dyes:

- My son becomes a weeping "what is the point of living" wreck 4-5 days later.

- I get generally kind of *****y & always start fantasizing about divorce :o

- My 10 year old daughter becomes the freaking HULK if she has yellow dye. Like she goes into these crazy rages, has picked up furniture and thrown it (she's tiny for her age too!), given me bruises, and basically tries to destroy anything within reach.

Obviously none of us get a focus benefit out of it, but given that our reactions vary so much, my money is on the artificial dye. Especially since the other ingredients are super similar to their other drinks.

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