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Drogheda98 06-28-19 01:13 PM

good news !
yo everyone of the adhd boards, it's me here, Jim, well, the initials to my name.

I don't know if I should say I'm in Texas or at Texas, san antonio to be precise, however. some of you might understand, I'm out of "this" world, heh, meaning I know the proper use of the word this.

I'd like to share a story real fast. competition, pbl competitions that is, were held here in texas and I didn't win, now with the thesius myth in mind, all the 8 stuff, traveling I80 at 80 mph for a long time and arriving at my destination when I read from the odomotor that I traveled 1800 miles to my destination, ya, the 8 synchronicity stuff has been more than that actually, just an example) I arrived here at san antonio like 3 days ago, and I was the 8th person in my group for competitions.

I spoke from my heart at competitions, 4 concepts I spoke about in which I said at that time "these concepts I'm speaking of are resognate deeply in my own heart and mind, courage, healthy self esteem, empathy and from empathy blooms cooperation for effective leadership", I turned down the notion of aggressive leadership, knowing full well that the charter specifically said that I would give me speak on aggressive leadershipm aggresive anything but working out just, it doesn't work for me like that, and I would be betraying who I am if I spoke at competition about something that I didn't beleife,

my speech was about individualism.

I had a talk with my chapter president at that time, a mr brent something or other, and he said that I would probably win it when, I knew that I didn't even place in the finals, meaning I didn't compete in the second competition, and knew he was projecting his own onto me., and can now notice when people talk when they are doing that. I remember him saying to me "there are two types of people in "this and I world", and I thought back then, and relating to you all over the boards "aha, so that's how I can identify anyone who is like . part of the object or something"

at the end, whenever we got together to eat, I didn't have anything to show for it except my own individuation and the ability to actually understand when people are projecting or not, the only thing I had to show was my actual self, the biggest win for me, however, I congratulated everyone their (all 7 of them( and asked them all what their favorite part of the competition was, in which somebody said that I order a burger with a golden fleece looking thing on it

cause there are no 0 sum games

without any prompts, people are addressing me differently, I remember driving around in my Subaru outback who's emblem is the 7 sister constilation and the onboard cumputer is the constellation of peguses, anyway, driving through town I got behind a horse and a man riding it, true freaking story.

now, I want to relate a dream I had. in the dream my old enemy Danial and myself were watching people on stage, some strange things happened in the dream, people killing people on stage, and I wanted out, and danial helped me out, in the dream danial helped me find a bus and I rode it while he stayed behind I got on the buss and I could remember hear in the dream "which I've always read couldn't happen, heh, guess not) someone saying "who is that"

it's me, I want to type my actual name right now cause of reasons I'm sure some of you know, however, my initials are Jim, and I'm readdy to live my life.

Dandan9 01-17-20 06:13 AM

Re: good news !
good news

SashaBV 01-18-20 01:15 AM

Re: good news !
Kudos to you!

mrzyphl 01-19-20 11:30 AM

Re: good news !
A speaking competition? Are you talking about Toastmasters?

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