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MusicChild131 01-04-19 08:44 AM

Poems of Mine

Imagine a snake wrapping around your body, constricting and choking you
My thoughts do the same to me
I try to call out for help, but all that comes out is a strangled cry

Finally, finally they release me
I can breathe again
I think it's over
But then they come again, twice as much force
I'm sinking down through this sea
I see you swim down after me, to save me

But I can't hold on anymore
I feel my life ebb away
I take my last breath
Finally, I'm free

MusicChild131 01-07-19 01:31 PM

Re: Poems of Mine

Each day I get up
Get dressed, brush my teeth
Get ready for the day.

But My routine is a little different than most other's
And that's because I do something special
Something I do to make sure I'm 'okay.'

Before I leave
I grab my mask.
This mask, however
Is not like any other mask
You can't see it
You can't touch it
But it's there.

It's a mask of happiness that I wear
To avoid getting pitied
Avoid questions
Avoid people trying to help

I go through the day as any 'normal' person would
Laughing, smiling, being happy
But it's all fake
If you see me smiling, chances are it's fake

Sometimes the mask cracks in the middle of the day
And I have to hurry and fix it before someone notices
And asks me what's wrong

Each night before I go to sleep
I take time and carefully repair my mask
So that no cracks remain
and my true feelings are not revealed

Then I hang it up
Ready for the next day

MusicChild131 01-22-19 11:18 AM

Re: Poems of Mine
How Long

I wake up each morning
A hope in my mind
That today's the day
I would make you mine
But yet you still don't appear
As I wait
Year after year

Every hour
Every day
I hope and hope
And pray and pray
That today would be the day
That you come to me

But like every day past
The result remained
Of you not being here
Through sun and through rain

So I pose a question

How long must I wait for you?

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