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Aaron R 02-03-07 11:10 AM

Thank you so much for this article as i don't yet know whether i have ADHD and i am new to this forum but this is really helpful so thank you

FightingBoredom 02-03-07 12:13 PM

The link to the article in the original post has changed to:

VicodenAmphet 05-25-07 01:25 AM

i pretty much had this figured out, good reminder about going to the doctors, i hate it cuz they make you wait in the room for an hour and then talk to you for half that time. I have plenty of people that knew me young, my family doesn't know much about it at all, they had the wrong impression on it. At first they didn't think it was possible because i was a really smart person. Thats not the case though. The only **** i learn is what i teach myself, do it at my own pace in my own way. I always try to write to keep my mind eased mostly lyrics ill try to get a line in whenever i feel like letting everything go away, try it, it costs $30 to have a therapist tell you that. Plus i cant have caffeine but that doesnt matter. I dont see him anymore but he's cool. He tought me a bunch of techniques in the 2-3 months i was seeing him b/c my old dr. said i should do that if i was going to get a script of zoloft. I write too much

ADD3D 08-30-07 11:46 PM

I'm feeling the same way.. no way I am going to take medications that may change the creative abilities that I have..
I'm convinced that with the knowledge I now have about what the problem is, and with guidence and counceling in the form of a coach I can get on track to finishing things, having patience in getting better at things, and not be so critical of the steps it takes to get there. I am convinced that I can get past the dread of approaching my creative efforts with the knowledge that I am not going to immediately get to where I want to go.. that it will take some time and that the process itself need not be something that tears me apart with self critism... I need to look for the small parts of improvement and learn from the mistakes, but mainly have faith that I can do it.

Fraser_2468 09-07-07 06:15 PM

Hey great topic to put a sticky on! :)

Has some great info about AD/HD :)

TiffanyM 09-14-07 02:48 PM

I need change
I am 34 years old and my life is getting to the point where there is no choice but to seek medications. I thought for a long time that I could adjust on my own, but my doctor gave me Strattera to try and it helped me to think clearer and I wasn't as pushy and easily offended, it also helped me to be a more peacable person. I changed me enough to know that I needed something. Unfortunately, after taking Strattera for about six weeks, my blood pressure went up too high and I had to recently be taken off. After 24 hours of being off I have experienced Anxiety to where I could bite someone's head off, not good. I trust this will pass. I was upset to hear that I had to come off the meds, however, I think it is a Godsend because I beleive I need more than Strattera. It didn't take away enough symptoms so I am going to see a psychiatrist to get some meds. Does anyone suggest a good med to start with?

TiffanyM 09-14-07 02:55 PM

I have found that with the meds I can actually focus on the book I am writing and before Meds I couldn't even start on it.

deniseo 10-02-07 12:26 PM

my 8 year old son was just diagnost today with adhd, the dr. started him on 18mg of conserta once a day. this is a great place to talk to others that have been going threw this, iam not alone thanks again:)

Skatturd 01-06-08 05:43 PM

Re: add 101: what every beginner in add needs to know
it's all good to know ... thanks

Serahd 03-06-08 08:56 PM

Re: Attention Deficit Disorder 101: What every beginner in ADD needs to know
Hello, my name is Sera, I am 53 and due to unfortunate circumstances I am raising my 6 years old grandson. When he was 4 he was diagnosed for ADHD. To make a long story short I sent him to a Tomatis institute where their treatment seemed to be helping him for a while. But after few months his attention started being even more dispersed than before and the treatment became almost futile. The only thing that had positive effect on his attention was music and only as long as he was listening to it. As soon as he stopped listen, his attention dropped dramatically. Background music wasn't doing any good. He was calmed and focused only when he had his headset on.
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One interesting issue was the fact that there wasn't much different in the kind of music he was listening to, as long as it was undisturbed by other sounds or voices. We tried special headsets, synchronizing both the music and external sounds or voices, but it did not work for him. One day I saw a TV family program and there was doctor who spoke about frequency medicine. That doctor mentioned treatment by sounds composed of different frequencies. The theory is that each illness has different frequency and that sounds with specific frequencies can heal illnesses.<o:p></o:p>
I started reading about this treatment and even found a practitioner who was using a device that evoked sounds that for the first time had a lasting effect on my grandson. He liked going to this clinic because he said liked the sounds. I asked the practitioner if he can record the sounds on a CD so my grandson could use it at home. He refused to do that and dismissed us with some excuses.<o:p></o:p>
I was looking for such recordings on the Internet and couldn't find anything.

We have all the music that is being played in the Tomatis treatments including those Gregorian chants he likes very much. Until one day I found a site for sounds frequencies (there are many) which had ADHD and ADD sounds.

I downloaded them and since that moment there is a growing positive effect on my grandson. He listens to the sounds 20 minutes before school and he is allowed to put on his headsets during class hours when there are personal assignments. The name of the site is healtone and I really recommend trying these sound, it really works for us.<o:p></o:p>


NeeNee 03-14-08 11:59 AM

Re: Attention Deficit Disorder 101: What every beginner in ADD needs to know
Just a caution because when you find a doctor who takes adhd seriously that is good but there are others who medicalize beyond what's necessary--my approach is let's try on our own with behavior interventions, if that doesn't work, no blaming, just then slowly incorporate medication until we see improvement, then try bringing the medication down as low as possible. (This is talking in spans of months/years) It's hard to find someone who gets the balance right-- And the world now is especially hard for kids with ADHD (mandatory testing, etc.), so I would just add that along with a therapist/doctor who is willing to diagnose and provide medication, be sure that you find someone who will support your (or your child's) experience and care for the social and self esteem aspects of adhd.

Also, while ther may not be tests for adhd, there are clinical tests that measure inattention and impulsivity to visual and auditory stimuli (computer based, age-normed) that will give you a percentile to compare with the rest of the population.

perpetualmotion 04-14-08 05:38 PM

Re: Attention Deficit Disorder 101: What every beginner in ADD needs to know
Serahd -

How is your grandson getting on with the sound therapy? I've had a look at this site and it looks interesting.... :)

jeighmy 05-08-08 08:06 PM

Re: Attention Deficit Disorder 101: What every beginner in ADD needs to know
Awesome article.. I wish I had seen this. I went to a psychiatrist who didn't even tell me he doesn't prescribe stimulants without a special "ADD test" that you have "passed"...even though I was diagnosed with one ten years ago apparently it wasn't valid anymore. He didn't even bother to TELL me this until I started questioning on the second visit why he chose to put me on Effexor which I quickly learned wasn't exactly a typical ADD medication...though it can be helpful. Its a long story why I wanted off of it and not the point here... Anyway this "test" would cost me 3 specialist visits to obtain with 3 $50 co pays... and then only then would he begin to consider the ritalin, adderall (stimulants) type drugs for use in treatment. UGH... I finally found a family dr. that would prescribe them. But to be honest he didn't question my diagnosis ENOUGH...pretty much just took my word for it... so I do believe that the information here about finding the right dr. and HOW should be heeded very carefully!! I look forward to learning how to deal with my ADD from you all! And hope I can offer some insights to others as well... I am 33 years old and treatment has been a LONG time coming.. I have been either breastfeeding, pregnant, or poor for the last 7 years and haven't been able to address the issues til now...

Imnapl 05-08-08 08:36 PM

Re: Attention Deficit Disorder 101: What every beginner in ADD needs to know
Students can have the adaptation of listening to music with headphones while doing seat work. It isn't considered music therapy, it just blocks out other distractions. That being said, I love the Mozart effect.

bdority 05-15-08 01:38 AM

Re: Attention Deficit Disorder 101: What every beginner in ADD needs to know
Thanks SO much for posting this way back when. I am 44 and recently diagnosed. Not terribly happy with the doc that did the diagnosis, but he got it right and the meds are already making for serious change/improvement, but I wasn't sure where to go from here. Nearly done with Hallowell's Delivered from Distraction, which has been monumentally educational and had me in floods from time to time, but I still wasn't getting the real skinny on "what to do next." I've been scanning the forums, but doing it in true ADD fashion, not really landing anywhere that I felt was useful until now. I feel like I have my third starting point after reading this post. First the diag and meds, then the book for starting my ADD education and now the where to go from here with regard to what I should be looking for from the meds and what to look for with regard to therapy. Have taken some seriuos big steps, leaps even, in a very short time but live in fear that I'll crash and burn soon without some learned direction. I feel like I just found that and will be interviewing therapists next week when I get back from my current business trip as well as seeing about some meds adjustments until I really find the sweet spot I feel is coming.

Wow, that was supposed to just say thanks for the post. Oh well. I'll just add "learn to be succinct" to my list, which is getting seriously long!

Thanks again,

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