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Chadjt3 06-30-18 05:42 PM

First Time being Medicated Questions

24 year old male here who has lived with ADD his entire life, and just now came to medication. This is my second month on Adderall, I became tolerant to the first months trial dosage of 10mg after the first few days. Now I'm on my second week of taking 30mg a day (so technically 6 weeks of treatment).

The medication has worked tremendously. I feel calm and tuned in. My thoughts are no longer sporadic, and distracted. I can go from one thing to another without pausing, and staying on whatever task consistently until done. I use to make all these plans and at the end of the week be lucky to complete half of them, but no more.

I feel as if before my mind was an uncontrollably sky of shooting starts, going in whatever direction they wanted, and burning for however long they wanted to. But now my thoughts are like collected on a sail boat being smoothly blown across the sea. Lame on paper, but it is just the analogy I came up with earlier, so what the hell.

Anywayyysss, I've had no side effects but just one, and I don't even feel a comedown between doses, which I find strange. My one side effect is moderate constipation via frequent pencil stools. Have any of you experienced this, were you able to combat it, if so how? Also I've had a hard time getting deep sleep, but it is starting to subside, and can be corrected easily with melatonin.

I understand that you probably aren't a doctor, and I might get bombarded with people telling me to talk to my doctor, but considering this is an ADD forum, maybe some of you have talked to your doctor about these same things and can give some advice?

Vitamins I take a day: B12, Omega 3 fish oil, Choline, Magnesium, centrum multi vitamin, move free.

Others meds: Gabapentin, I take this as needed for anxiety, I'll take one 300mg capsule every other day on average.

With that said, anyone with any advice? Thank you for reading all this!

CharlesH 06-30-18 06:30 PM

Re: First Time being Medicated Questions
I don't think it's common for Adderall to directly cause digestion issues. It often decreases appetite. Has the Adderall led to you altering your dietary habits?

If you've tried 10mg and 30mg so far, then maybe 20 mg would help reduce some of the side effects you've been having?

Chadjt3 06-30-18 07:46 PM

Re: First Time being Medicated Questions
Nope, I've been eating my three meals a day just as before. I'm just curious to if there is a supplement to help me out. I googled searched this and it's tough to sort through the plethora of adderall information on the web to find the answer. I do agree about the dosage though, and have contemplated lowering it myself. I was surprised when she threw 30mg out there, I was expecting her to move me to 15 or 20 at most.

It could be the gabapentin, I've been on those for only two weeks.

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