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tambourine-man 11-08-11 12:28 AM

Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
I shared this on the wall of my fan page. Everyone share it on yours!

Adderall and Dexedrine are becoming very difficult to obtain due to nationwide shortages. Guess what drug is not suffering? That's right... Vyvanse. Shire released Vyvanse to replace their blockbuster Adderall XR when they lost the patent. They've now bought out all major generic amphetamine manufacturers, degraded the original formulas, raised prices dramatically, and set up supply contracts with major chain pharmacies in an attempt to force consumers to use Vyvanse.

Shire is the George Lucas of drug companies, degrading classic amphetamine formulations and making the originals unavailable. Don't settle for "newer and better." The originals have worked great for over 70 years.

tambourine-man 11-08-11 01:20 AM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
Everyone knows Corepharma is crap. Shire has nearly pushed Sandoz out of the maket. They own Teva and Gobal, which means they control all IR Dexedrine and Adderall XR as well as a huge portion of the Adderall IR and Dexedrine ER market.

They discontinued Dextrostat.

They changed/degraded the Adderall formula at the same time they released Vyvanse. That is no secret. They've jacked up the prices on the generics and are offering discount cards for Vyvanse.

Worst of all, their strategy includes frightening doctors into believing that all amphetamines outside of Vyvanse are terribly addicting.

This is criminal. We're talking about people's mental health!

tambourine-man 11-08-11 02:20 AM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
Very Ironic! I copied this from Shire's website...

Home > Responsibility
What responsibility means to us...

Shire is one of the world’s leading specialty biopharmaceutical companies.* The unique and often pioneering products we develop help people with life-altering conditions to lead better lives. In many cases this is because the conditions we treat are chronic, symptomatic diseases, where there is an immediate and positive impact from taking the treatment.
Our patients are – and always will be – our first priority. But we have other responsibilities as well: to the specialist physicians who prescribe our treatments, to the health authorities who pay for them and to the policymakers who set the regulatory frameworks within which we operate around the world. They all expect us to behave with the very highest standards of integrity and ethics and that’s exactly as it should be.
This is why ‘Responsibility’ has always been at the heart of what Shire is and what Shire does. It touches every aspect of our business, from the way we develop and market our products, to our relationships with suppliers, to the way we treat our own people.

For our patients

For our people

In our community

This is why we have 13 different focus areas for Responsibility, covering both the way we operate day to day and the way we make long-term strategic decisions. All 13 are important to us, but some have a special priority because they relate directly to our patients and their needs. These are:
Access to medicines
ADHD education
Conduct and transparency of clinical trials
Product safety and pharmacovigilance
These four areas are specifically linked to the way we plan to grow our business in a responsible and sustainable way:
Mergers and acquisitions
Geographic expansion
Public policy
Ethical sales and marketing
These three areas are about running a responsible business on a day-to-day basis and the way we manage our relationships with partners and suppliers.
Environmental stewardship
Stewardship of partners and suppliers
Animal testing
These two focus areas cover our Responsibilities to our own people: how we engage with them and ensure their well-being at work.
Employee engagement
Health and safety

addtention 11-08-11 03:38 AM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
Teva is on the stock market as TEVA and located in Israel not 100% but I think they are a separate company not bought by Shire and I think they are one of the biggest generic drug manufacturers.

Global is on the stock market as Impax labs IPXL but I remember reading they were bought by Teva or Eon Labs but not sure about that either.

Recent article that says in 2009 Teva sued Shire for hoarding the ingredients

ADDADDERAL 11-08-11 11:30 PM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
So I emailed some Shire executives about the adderall shortage and this is the response I received from somebody in "corporate communications".

Shire's response is posted in this thread:

Adderall IR & XR Shortages for 2010 through 2011
can anyone confirm this, it was my impression that Shire distributed to the generics which enabled the generics to make the Adderall.

BR549 11-08-11 11:37 PM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
Shire still manufactures all XR. Teva and Global repackage and distribute it under their name and pay a royalty to Shire. You can check Shire's Quarterly reports at their website. It will state somewhere in that report something to the effect of "royalties from XYZ manufacturer for XR" or "royalties from sale of XR". You can also call Teva and Global (I called Teva several months ago). They will automatically refer you back to Shire, since they don't manufacture XR.

Since the patent on XR hasn't run out, it's my understanding that Shire entered into agreements with Teva and Global to continue to make XR until those patents expire.

ADDADDERAL 11-08-11 11:45 PM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
So Shire has nothing to do with the IR shortage?

BR549 11-08-11 11:49 PM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
Nope. They no longer make IR or have the rights to IR. Duramed acquired the rights to Adderall (IR). Duramed was bought out by Barr, who was bought out by Teva. Shire doesn't supply anyone with the raw materials to make IR. Those manufacturers obtain the raw materials themselves.

ADDADDERAL 11-09-11 12:17 AM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
So does anyone know why Teva cannot supply generic IR?

I have a little (very little) more sypmathy for Shire now, if Pepsi couldnt supply product everyone would buy Coke and within a short time Coke would run out.

BR549 11-09-11 01:06 AM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
From what I understand (If I am wrong please correct me :) ), in a nutshell, the manufacturers submit a projected proposal/analysis/whatever to the DEA of how much raw materials that they think they will need to manufacture a CII drug for the upcoming year or specified period. It's my understanding that their figures are based on the previous years demands and might allow for a certain amount of leeway--meaning they can keep a certain amount of manufactured goods on hand and possibly have a certain amount more in some cases. If the demand is a) more than what the manufacturer has already on hand; b) more than they can keep up with or c)more than the raw materials they are able to obtain for a specific time period, they are supposed to contact the DEA to work on a solution. The FDA doesn't have anything to do with the shortages and the manufacturers aren't required to contact them with notice of a short-term shortage.

Again, if anyone finds ^ inaccurate, please feel free to correct me! :)

tambourine-man 11-09-11 07:43 PM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
Shire is responsible for supplying Adderall XR generic to both Teva and Impax. That is what I meant by "own." Sorry that my wording was confusing. I mean that they own a huge majority of the national amphetamine supply.

It is no secret that Teva and Impax have sued shire for hoarding amphetamines.

The DEA has released a statement saying that they can raise the limit any time it is requested. Generic manufacturers are complaining that Shire is breaking supply agreements.

Obama claims shortages are not caused by the DEA but by drug companies manipulating the market, doubtlessly in an attempt to gain as close to a monopoly on the market as they can.

We are seeing no shortages of Vyvanse. National television and printed news are now blaming Shire. I'm being interviewed for a story about it, and you can bet I will be casting blame on Shire. They may not be entirely responsible, but they are a very large part of the problem.

Check out this CBS news story...

Brand Adderall XR sales have recently increased dramatically, despite the drug being available in generic! That is unheard of. It is no longer a secret that Shire is contributing to and profiting from the shortages.

ADDADDERAL 11-09-11 10:43 PM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
Here is the response from Teva Customer Service when I asked about the IR shortages (not very helpful):

It's posted in this thread: Adderall IR & XR shortages for 2010 through 2011

mentalfloss 11-09-11 10:44 PM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
I am shaking my head as I read about all the bureaucratic nonsense going on between these drug companies. As it stands, I only have 5 of my 20mg IR tablets left over from the 25 tablets I was able to get last week. I am prescribed 60 but had to settle for 25 since those were the only ones I could find. The 5 that I have will last me until Fri. night/Sat. morning and of course my doctor will be out of the office then. So tomorrow I get to call my doctor's office and tell them the whole long story and hope that I can get a rx by the end of the day because he's not in the office on Fridays.

This is about too much for me to take. In the first place, getting the script can be a pain sometimes, but then I have to come up with anywhere from $75 to $100 to fill the damn thing! It is becoming a constant source of stress for me and there seems to be no end in sight.

tambourine-man 11-10-11 12:25 AM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall

Originally Posted by ADDADDERAL (Post 1203946)
Here is the response from Teva Customer Service when I asked about the IR shortages (not very helpful):

We are aware of a shortage due to lack of ingredients currently in the market. Unfortunately, our options are limited as to what we can do. While we are producing it right now, we cannot produce enough to meet the current demand of the product at this time. Unfortunately, once we produce our product and sell it to the wholesalers, we cannot discern how they handle their allocation process, or locate it on the retail level. At this time we are encourage patients to reach out to other pharmacies, or, talk to their physician about alternatives. Realistically, we expect improvements to the “normal” level in the new year, as we are slowly filling back orders as raw materials become available. We hope this helps and I wish you a great day

If this is the case, why did Teva and Impax bring lawsuits against them for withholding supplies?

Why are we not seeing a shortage of Vyvanse?

Why did they discontinue Dextrostat?

Why are they convincing doctors that all drugs besides Vyvanse are too dangerous (I watched a Shire rep tell me and my doctor that they would not bring Dextrostat back because it is too dangerous and we have Vyvanse now)?

Why are sales of Shire brand Adderall XR booming?

Why has the DEA and the president stated that the shortages could have been avoided if Shire would have put in a request that the limit be raised?

Why have we not seen an enormous increase in ADHD diagnosis this year? We sure haven't seen a large enough increase to account for such a massive shortage?

Why did they respond to this shortage by jacking up their prices?

What does responsibility mean to Shire? Jack *****.

tambourine-man 11-10-11 01:48 AM

Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
Maybe I will email them those questions.

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