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Miercoles 05-05-19 07:00 PM

Newly Diagnosed Looking for Advice
Hello. I was recently diagnosed with ADD at the age of 34. I work from home full time and initially, I had some outside activities so I had balance (according to my doc), but they've all expired and I feel like I'm going nuts. My doctor recently increased my Vyvanse dose from 30mg to 40mg (March) and it worked for a while but everything is getting bad again. I take the medicine in the morning and I have SO MUCH to catch up on and a SWEAR catching up is all I want to do but for whatever reason, I walk up to that mountain of stuff to catch up on and I cannot start and then I just start crying about how pitiful I am and how bad I've made things and can't do anything and waste the day. When I "force" myself to be productive, I still can't really start anything. As soon as the first sign of "adversity" comes along, I'm panicking and I can't calm down and I'm biting the inside of my cheeks something awful. I'm an engineer and the way I've gotten behind t work seems to be the reason I can't start to get ahead and I'm just dizzy. The house is behind. My financial plans are behind. I can't get anything started. I'm currently trying to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist but everyone is so booked but I need to try some kind of structure changes to help in the mean time. Does anyone have any advice? I'm sorry if this message is so broad; I'm just looking for any kind of direction because I feel like no matter what, I cannot get up and do anything. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

cobain67 05-05-19 09:18 PM

Re: Newly Diagnosed Looking for Advice
If you can manage, get some exercise. May not want to but a little physical activity can do wonders for anxiety and sanity. Yoga is great too.

sarahsweets 05-16-19 07:45 AM

Re: Newly Diagnosed Looking for Advice
Are you happy with the way the vyvanse works? As far as making progress I suffer the same issues and try the "just five minutes" approach. I go over to whatever pile of whatever needs to be dealt with and set a timer for 5 minutes. And for five minutes I will work as hard as I can going through, picking up, putting away-whatever-just five minutes. After five minutes I take a little break and do it again. Sometimes I get in the groove and am able to go beyond five minutes but five minutes is the goal.

PoppnNSailinMan 05-16-19 10:01 AM

Re: Newly Diagnosed Looking for Advice
I might try the "just five minutes approach" myself. Sounds like a good idea. I sometimes feel overwhelmed and taking small steps is the best approach. I can't help thinking of a little proverb I heard once: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

italianstallion 05-16-19 12:45 PM

Re: Newly Diagnosed Looking for Advice
The good thing with vyvanse is that it works immediately, you don't have to wait months for it to start working like with other drugs. You're able to make adjustments more easily because of this. I know waiting for appointments is frustrating.Try calling your doc and explaining your symptoms, maybe you can phrase it as having a quick question so he/she will speak with you. They can offer advice on whether you need a higher or lower dose etc. so that you can start to see improvement immediately instead of waiting.

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