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Drogheda98 05-07-19 07:04 PM

liminal transition, cool inward outward experience, tips for behavior change.
about an hour ago I was about to post something here, and while what I'm typing is mostly just my inner narrative I'm sharing with each of you through the forum, like,, I don't don't want to feel left out so I'm sharing these experiences.

ever sense I've talked to my parents I've felt something growing from withen, at the same time, my mind has never been clearer, no rumination, what I've been thinking about is node behavior. before I get into that fully however, even the notion of nodel behavior I haven't been introduced to, I haven't read about it, I haven't heard about it. I did read something about the unconcious and told myself that I went it all to come up to the surface , and true enough, lots of different idea's, feelings, and even thoughts and emotions are.

one of them is nodel behavior, which I think an offshoot of the notion of categorical healthy ego(and I'd bet a million bucks that if I look it up it's what I'd read).

to put it another way, nodel behavior in a categorical view is the more anyone (apriori) engagues in a behavior such as, ego will behave in a behavior such as exercise of such exercise (walking, donkey kicks, push ups, just examples of my behavior in exercising) when ego (saying ego as such so anyone can relate)(node 1) behaviors(node2) in a behavior (node 3) such as exercise (node 4) such as walking (node 5) then the neurons and dendrites and whatever(I'm using the liminal space of the next month to do this sort of research) in anyone's brain well strengthen. for myself what this means is if anyone asks me what I have done during the week (kind of thinking about my therapist right now) I can say "well, as far as exercise throughought the week, I've been walking and doing push ups and plancs and donkey kicks" the notion applies to every one of you through the forum as well.

the nodel process is(from what I understand atleast) I or anyone else enguages in behavior of a certain sort the neuronal resources will strengthen taking much less willpower over time. however, I think it gets better.

the notion of behavior is kind of a universal notion(meaning it applies to all of you as well through the forum and everyone else as well), to engage in behavior srengthens the inner modality of engaging in any behavior. using myself for example, when I engage in a behavior such as excersize the inner node or modality of engaging in any behavior straightens. working, sleeping, wrighting, music, friendship, understanding, all those good notions. such as the behavior ego attains for categorical modality will apply through and through to all of them. such as the brain of anyone can strengthen inner neuronal connections in regards to behavior, and then behavior in a new set of behavior. the set of behaviors I'm aiming for is fatherhood, and I'm really sharing my inner thoughts right now to you people through the forum (even though the nodel thinking is I believe, how strengthening neural connections works and how it works for everyone)

I wasn't lying when I said I don't want dementia so I'm working to stave off any kind, even if I'm just a bit paranoid, still, this kind of work is what I need to do and I'm sharing my results with you people through the web.

anyway. whats odd is, or, cool, is when I was thinking clearly (still am, thinking clearly as in no internal clutter, my thoughts seem to be my own and when I get a flashback of anykind I wright it out). without even thinking, I found my frame, the right lens is intact but the left missing so I'm going to the eye-clinic to fix it. in doing so (and this happened like an hour ago) and I'm realating to you people through the forum now) my frame?, why did I think my frame, I found the frame for my glasses that I lost a while ago, then I looked up liminal space and transition(again, these are mostly inner thoughts I just want to share)

thus, through experience and relating to any of you people through the forum, if you want to get better at any behavior start with any behavior no matter what the behavior is, notice with ego the behavior, categorize the behavior, engage in the behavior time and time again to build up neuronal connections to engagement in any behavior, then, enguaging in any behavior will become easier as the node of engaging in behavior in the brain strengthen. then engaging in another behavior will start out easy as you engage in a new behavior., then the more you engage in the categorical behavior (sense I'm not you people through the internet no idea) the neuronal connections of whatever behavior will strengthen and as such, will get easier with much less strain over time.

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