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Drogheda98 10-10-20 06:22 PM

update. Transference.
I'm feeling new feelings that I've never felt before

Yall, Transference is, well, it's that subjective state of being, the transference was good. I can now connect what other people said to my personal pronoun, what he is saying is that when we don't put ourselves in the shoes of those who passed , when we don't imagine ourselves in at deaths door, that's the Thanatos drive, when we do however, we rebound and bounce back"

in my mind when I wrote that I could almost see joel in my mind and hear his voice as well.

for any of you curious, transference of neurosis is basicly, well, therapy is the reliving of the first 5 or so years of our lives that correspond to the 5 A's, attention, attunement, warmth, care, etc, heh, ( I still gota memorize the 5 A's names) and because of the connection I had with joel, well, that establishes how my relations from now on will go. I could feel evans, evan was austins brother, pain, and he mine, the reason, the relationship I had with joel, however could give comfort to all those when I was their as well as receive (not here of course this was ya, when Austin passed) I felt acceptance because of Joel

transference is miraculous. A quote from joel ( I might project here, not sure) "when you get back, that's when the magic starts

A>B>C while Ac= Bc

transference is miraculous Because I'm back.


sarahsweets 10-15-20 05:15 AM

Re: update. Transference.

Learn to pronounce
the action of transferring something or the process of being transferred.
"education involves the transference of knowledge"
the redirection to a substitute, usually a therapist, of emotions that were originally felt in childhood (in a phase of analysis called transference neurosis ).
This is what I found about transference. Can you explain to me how what you say is going on plays into it?

Drogheda98 10-17-20 09:46 AM

Re: update. Transference.

there transference is, well myselfs outcome from therapy, there is pshychotic transference, narcasistic, neurotic which I beleive is what adhd is, not sure, quazi normal with quirks. pshychotic is complete abandone of reality, narcasistic is very bad object relations, neurotic, well kind of like adhd, normalish, adhd with fewer symptoms ( I can feel SO many more feelings and just, I haven't listed all my improvments" .transference in a theurioutic setting (which can be everywhere) but especially the transference is ,

ok so therapy is kind of like reliving the first 5 years of life, the very first thing I can recall from joel is, he said "the most impotant relationship we have is the first one", what he meant was "NOT of the SELF" as in anybody who goes to therapy cause the word. notice I'm using my personal pronoun to link with joels thoughts, couldn't do that before transference.

the one we have with our mother, and father for electra (I think) that's the most important relationship we will ever have. the resolution of the oedipul , is, complex and simple, the mask mothers and fathers wear. the therapist takes on the roll of both father and mother for the good or bad memory of what is missing with either., or can BE the missing father or mother in a relationship. for object constancy to happen, both mother and father must be integrated in the mind as both good and bad for whole object relations an constancy.

the oedipul situation is, transfering our, or my own, relationship from my mother to another mother to be "lets say" , but finding the thought , the true good, was the difference. Mothers give us existance, they give us life, my previous schema was "myself running to meet mom at some random time" for the good with the "yelling", that's the magic of the transference,

the quote you gave Sarah is for everyday transference, when we meet a friend who has a similar mannerism. the family situation provides the blueprint for every relationship that can happen for anybody who goes to therapy. especially anything past platonic.

compare the two " I love my mother no matter because she gave me life, the ultimate boon even though I could of done without the yelling" to " at school I ran towards her, compared to the yelling"

that relationship bond is TRANSFERED to the now at how I well, romantically, will click, and even in my day to day life, and would say, applies to everybody who goes to therrapy.

the weirdest thing though, the borderline, the neurotic has 2 "me's" in their self structure which is why the ego is alienated in either, and I might be explaining that kind of wrong . in the words of joel "the first one" meaning relationships with the other, Neurotics and borderlines don't know what "system" to trust leading to cartesian duelism cause the ego trusting the ego in one person causes a duel, duality, bipolar (I'm guessing), a split. in the psyche or worse, an alter ego, false self etc... for the past few years I felt a bit of a split ebb and flow.

until transference. first transference is a slow process (took me about 4 months) where all of the past 5 years of what joel and I talked about came to my mind, and the meaning of what mother represents, life,, by risking object loss (place in time and space) I redidt my schema and the weird separation of "me not me me" happened which was weird. then I sent (not the right word) to an inner schema of outer friends who could be my wife, placing the object choice outside (aka not the mother, which is why people with adhd have a problem masterbating" a best friend who I love and know who I have known for a long time, which is why I think adhd and neurosis are probably the same disorder or similar there is a second transference however, ya wierd.

in object relationships "this (the word)" is the register of the mother, and becomes the both inanimate and animate "people" objects. for the other and the analytical third, or space between, That represents the father which becomes our imagination with identification with him (for dudes) or ego as saying and not ego as being even though I could wright now " I'm feeling tired"

when this happened to me everything lined up, about, I don't know, 30 concepts kind of "clicked" in my mind, reason after reason after reason, and then my unconscious opened up and I figured out metacognition, which is 3 part complexes, and the thought not without a thinker .

the way I know this is the thought not thought. as soon as all of this "things lined straight up" well, it's the same line he gave me 3 years ago. I went online to look up bions o theory earlier today and there it was "opening up of metacognition is a successful transference" all the concepts that confused me, vanished, personal pronouns, what ego is, how to utilize the super ego without projecting as well a bakers dozen others, and figured out the heart of psychotherapy Metaphore and Simile, that's it, that's kind of all pshychology is even about because the unconciouss, speaks AS a language, just like a comedian says a joke to make the audience laugh, what they laugh at is buried deep in the unconciouss, every artists unklowdges repressed scripts for conscious re programming.

how to read others people "i"'s that was difficult to figure out, not that I couldn't understand others, out there face to face, voices, postures, emotions, it was mostly in reading where I had to assign voices to understand, the thought was " if read from other get data from other but not other" after" oh my own self reflection show a slice of life from my life thus others can read what I say and learn about that slice of life and vica versa. I can read super ego statments from others as the statment is and then reflexively agree or disagree or whatever.

I also learned how to suspend belief and unbelief at the same time

transference in therapy, is a completely different notion than transference in day to day life.

Drogheda98 10-17-20 07:44 PM

Re: update. Transference.
also sorry for the spelling, my mind has been taxed to the limit the past several months and explaining such a complex thought, such as the whole of psychoanalytic thinking, is, heh, taxing.

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