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Dez5586 11-30-17 12:09 AM

Caregiver/House wife Stress
hello everyone,

I am the caregiver for my husband who has autism. When I started being the caregiver for my husband I restarted on medication ( Vyvanse) that I had previously been off for several years. Because of some of his behaviors I have to lock up medications and now recently money and change. This on top of the stress of being his caregiver really seems to intensify my forgetfulness and other add symptoms. Some days the medication seems useless.

Is there anyone else who seems to have a high-stress home life? and what do you do to cope?

Sometimes it gets to a point where I feel like I could be doing better.
So I wanted to reach out to some of you and she Does anyone else struggle to maintain their household?

Thank You in advance for any comments.

sarahsweets 11-30-17 05:20 AM

Re: Caregiver/House wife Stress
I do, and I lock up all my meds cause I have teenagers in the house.

Cat Noir 11-30-17 10:02 AM

Re: Caregiver/House wife Stress
Hi Dez5586,

I’m a caregiver also and a stay at home mom of 3, twins girls age 8 and a teenage boy 16 years old. In the past 3 years I have been taking care of my brother who has autism along with mental illness. So far I have managed to take care them and my household but I realized that I was on an automatic pilot at the first two years that my brother came to live with me. Our mom had past away so I took him under my care and it has been two years full of stress however I feel like In those two years I have done more than the past year when I finally had no stress and more time to focus on myself. That is when I found out that I couldn’t keep up with anything and kept forgetting things and had no motivation at all. It’s hard on me because I like clean, organized house but with twins and a teenager my house is clean for like 2 hours a day.
On the days that I lack motivation I just Sit and don’t move at all when it comes to the house hold etc however I’ll go online or on Netflix and can be hyper focused for hours.
I try to do more the things that I like but some how I’ll lose interest after a while and I hate because I might spent money on something and never use it or wear. Or I will start a project and just forgot about it.

Oh and when I’m finally motivated I’ll clean the house and go OCD for a day and get really organized but like I said my kids will move thing around fill up the laundry when I finally catch up with the laundry and it’s just never ending.

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