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Drogheda98 01-14-20 02:46 AM

memories of one of my best friends.
I'd like to tell you all a bit about one of my best friends, Austin, maybe get a feel for how musicians and entertainers are. , this is one of my favorite memories, but a bit of background

when I was around 20 something years old I started working at the shephard of the hills, a guy named Eudy, had the role I had was going to have for the next, 17 so years. the character I played had a son, his son, Austin. Eudy and I looked similar so he showed me to the director, short while after that, I was a professional actor. pshychology aside from seperating myself from the role, that's how the story of him and myself started.

the thing to know about entertainers, and this goes for most tourist towns and themparks, is, the generational gap of friendship isn't a thing, people who work in the industry basically think themselves as one big family.

we had a connection with music, it's what we talked about all the time, our favorite guitarists, songs, bands. when he turned 17, we decided to start a band, Quest for fire. the two of us guitarists, found a basist, drummer, and singer... finding a singer was interesting. the band become our way of life, for a time.

we played shows in Arkansas, up to Illinois, to Kansas, I can recall, we had fans in Canada who found us on our Myspace at the time, so we sent them shirts and the demo we had back then. we played for crowds of 10 people, and, I don't know, 2000 people. our songs where played on the radio, featured in nickie6's docu cd thing and I beleive our songs are housed in a cd in the halls of congress cause of copyright stuff.

we met up with a band named 3 inches of blood, I forget which year but whatever, 3 inches of blood was an international band, Justin from 3 inches of blood and Austin would correspond from Canada to Arkansas and such.

3 inches of blood was going to sign to a new label, Time Warner, getting new gear, so they decided to give US their old gear, well Austin and I anyway, so the band got in a van and headed to Louisville Kentucky, I'm surprised how well I can recall these memories in the video of my mind, anyway.

when we got to Kentucky, the gps led us through the rough places of kentucky. a close friend of ours, was kind of leary, Austin and I had No Fear, when we got to the place , all different colored people where there, austin and I had no worries, we accepted everybody back then and I still do, ausitn.....

anyway... we got in line for the venue and it and started talking to people, BC, our bassist made a comment back then "guess it don't matter what color you are, metalheads are accepting of everybody", words pulled from memory, I even remember that guys accent.

after the show, we got to meet not only everybody from 3 inches of blood but the main band. during the show we moshed, justin came out and got us and pulled us onstage to stagedive while the main band was playing. I looked a lot like the singer and while we where at the bar people came up to me and said how good of show it was, I looked over at justin and he said "just go with it man", so I did. heh litterly the entire night people thought I was the lead singer of a international band, even in the mosh pit.

we went backstage, we talked with the techs, the bands, then spent some time in the parking lot, I forget how long, just doing nonsense stuff.

this is where the story get's good, Justin points over to the ****tiest looking strip-club I've ever seen "wanta go, lets go", I can see all this in my mind like a video, so we go, twas the middle of the night, a bunch of metalheads going to a stripclub. we go in there, justin say's who he is and for like 3 hours we brought the party.

I wouldn't have that memory without Austin, I wouldn't trade that memory for anything. he could make anyone laugh, make anyone feel welcome, I am now who I am partly because of him, he was a true influence on my life and a good one at that, My courage is because of him, He's the guy that took Me out of My comfort Zone.

I remember, Keith, the director of the shephard called us the Dynamic Duo, however, He's the one that tought me what life is about, I think Austin did as such with everybody he knew and who knew him.

after something incredibly stupid I left the band, don't know who's fault it was, don't care, they changed the name still kept the songs and demo. this is the first song we ever wrote, and when I say we I mean him mostly.

fight of the phoenix on the back of the demo they put my face in a star filled photo..... I'm starting to make sense of all the synchronicity

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