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winter_fey 10-04-17 04:39 PM

I'm new at this. I don't have a diagnosis yet. But all my life I've felt like the outsider. Never bright enough or fast enough. Never motivated enough. Never on time. LOL Its lonely. I mean.. i feel smart.. sometimes. I feel like I can see the world in ways that others can't. I can marvel and wonder at the littlest things.. I think about our origin and purpose. I daydream about a random person walking by.. who they are.. what their life is like and marvel at the fact that each person its its own world. Anyways.. (rambling on here) Back to the point.. I always felt alone. I thought that nobody could understand when i said i wasn't lazy, just forgetful. I really care about my work and i try.. but no matter how much i try i make little mistakes. I keep saying sorry but i feel like people think its a hollow apology because i keep doing it. Sometimes i feel like my brain is infinite.. with the ability to understand even the most complex of things.. and then sometimes i have trouble adding the correct change or figuring out when i should leave a place to get to another in time. I guess.. I'm looking for validation.. maybe someone to tell me, "Hey, you're not alone. I go through this too.." I keep thinking I'm a hypochondriac and that I'm just making it more than it is. Or just blaming it on my anxiety.. i don't know.

Little Missy 10-04-17 06:40 PM

Re: New.
Make yourself an appointment with a psychiatrist and see how it goes!:)

Batman55 10-05-17 01:08 AM

Re: New.
I share the same outlook in a lot of ways.

And you came to the right place

sarahsweets 10-08-17 06:19 AM

Re: New.
Start with seeing a doctor.

midnightstar 10-08-17 06:20 AM

Re: New.
I agree with the above advice :grouphug:

You're not alone :grouphug:

winter_fey 10-26-17 01:50 PM

Re: New.
Thanks :) it means a lot

WhiteOwl 10-26-17 02:17 PM

Re: New.
I guess I missed this post, but just wanted to share that I have always felt pretty much the same way. I've always felt there was a smart person trapped inside myself somewhere, but can never find the way out. Anyways, welcome!

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