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peripatetic 11-07-18 10:11 PM

vivid, but not real memories
Query: is this an ADHD thing or related to my other issues? I can imagine in a visceral, thechnicolour, consistently precise/detailed Way "memories" of stuff I know I didn't do. I'll give you an example: I have those kinds of near tangible experiences about observing my mum as a child (she's the child) from an "observer" perspective. Clearly this is false insofar as i never casually/analytically/near tangibly lived that given its impossibility.

They are indistinguishable from the real, objectively (*confirmable* even) way I have of remembering things I *did* live.


Little Missy 11-07-18 10:19 PM

Re: vivid, but not real memories
I believe they are real. Even if only in my mind.

namazu 11-07-18 11:58 PM

Re: vivid, but not real memories
I don't know how much has to do with ADHD, vs. other diagnoses, vs. the human mind just doing its weird thing.

There are circumstances/events that I did not personally observe, but which my mind can sew into a "living movie" of sorts, because I have seen pictures of the people involved, and heard stories, and fill in the blanks.

But I do not doubt that these vividly animated scenes of a past that I was not privy to are the product of my imagination. (Leaving out some quibbles about whether I was there as a germ cell, e.g....)

Sometimes I dream very vividly, and upon waking, it can sometimes be harder to distinguish memory from fantasy (or memory of fantasy?).

But I do not become easily convinced while awake that -- for example -- my deceased relatives are still alive and with us in a corporeal sense; nor (more weirdly) that my significant other has shrunk to the size of a crumb and has become mixed in with the crumbs from some baked goods and I must be careful in my panic not to squish him, if I haven't already. That doesn't mean I don't still feel a sense of (e.g.) unease after I wake.

So, my experience is that while I can visualize and almost feel and hear scenes as though I was there (when they were clearly, for one reason or another, fictitious), I also know and feel that these "recollections" are the products of my imagination mixed with photos and stories I've heard, and/or the bizarre products of REM sleep.

I'm having trouble coming up with an instance of this (either a sleep-dream or a day-dream) where the impossibility of it would be difficult to prove (by incongruity of facts or general implausibility) -- but then, how would I know if I had simply imagined it, if I couldn't verify against something other than my own recall?

I guess it's time to be concerned when one begins to discount the incongruous facts and general implausibility and to believe that something happened (despite evidence to the contrary), because it feels so real....? (I recognize that "implausibility" is a squishy and therefore probably operationally useless criterion, though the existence of contradictory facts is less so.)

tudorose 11-08-18 12:12 AM

Re: vivid, but not real memories
I understand this and can relate. Whether it's adhd related I dunno. I'm a visual person and sometimes even daydreams seem real.

CharlesH 11-08-18 04:17 PM

Re: vivid, but not real memories
I think you have a particularly strong visual memory system, but I don't think it's directly related to ADHD. I think it's relatively common to have false memories that seem just as real as real memories.

finallyfound10 11-18-18 02:51 PM

Re: vivid, but not real memories
Could it be that the photos of her that you have seen and stories she has shared are being remembered in a very vivid way? I guess it could also be hallucinations.

SashaBV 11-18-18 05:46 PM

Re: vivid, but not real memories
Sometimes I have dreams where my deceased parents and sister are still around and my hubby is not disabled and sick (he appears fine, so this is before late 2002, when castrophic health problems started). Not about things that actually happened in the past, but just any events my mind comes up with. Obviously, this is my mind fulfilling my wishes to have my deceased loved ones back and my hubby in much better shape.

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