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InvitroCanibal 10-04-17 01:01 PM

Back to Motivation
A dog chases a car, but what happens when he catches it?

People are like that too.

We chase,things bigger than ourselves, without ever knowing why, or what we would do if we finally caught it.

There are dumbfounding moments that all of us must face, when we realize that what we were chasing was not actually what we wanted.

Maybe it is a fault of imagination. We want the chase, but not the catch. We want the sale, but not the product. We want love, but not the person. We want the title, but not the job. Or we want the job, but not the work.

Most of us chase these things, and wonder why we are not motivated.

We wake up one day, unmotivated and disillusioned by the reality of what we now have as our lives. What we now must do to keep the things we caught in our lives.

Because of this, we are forced to carry around the things we know. Our carreers, our families, our education, and our bank accounts, these are our hunting trophies. The ones that we carry, yet they are so heavy, and so cumbersome, that we can't go anywhere or do anything.

We become stuck.

Consequently, our lives become stuck too.

There are too many trophies in this world and not enough reasons for winning them or achieving them.

If you want to chase your tail, then chase your tail, if you want to chase the world, then chase the world. But do not expect the end of the chase to make you happy or motivated.

You've heard of the saying, "It's not the destination, it's the journey," but it's not the journey that matters, it's the chase.

It all depends on where you see the end of something. If you see the end of an education as receiving the diploma, then that is where your education will end, and that diploma will keep you from ever trying to learn anything new.

When you feel unmotivated, you have to ask yourself, what chase did I end that is keeping me unmotivated?

What success or trophy is weighing me down?

If failure is the recipe for success, then success is also a recipe for failure.

With every success, comes the end to a chase, or a journey. One that you can not go back to, unless you let go of that success, and see the potential for failure.

This is why, honestly knowing yourself, and your failures, can help motivate you to keep moving forward.

In the end miring in your accomplishments will destroy you, before wallowing in self pity over your failures.

You just have to know when to let go of success and the reason why you're letting go.

sarahsweets 10-08-17 06:21 AM

Re: Back to Motivation
Awesome. Lets not forget the adage- "there are no dumb questions".

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