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Lunacie 10-19-18 11:36 AM

School takes different approach to discipline
If this needs to be moved to the children's section, that's fine.
But first I wanted to share it here because it's amazing.

This was in my local news this morning. www . kwch . com


GREAT BEND, Kan. One Kansas school in Great Bend is taking a different approach to disciplining students.

At Riley Elementary School, teachers are helping students recognize when they start to feel angry instead of immediately disciplining them.

The shift in approaching discipline at Riley started when the principal noticed almost 100 out-of-school suspensions last year.

"That was not acceptable to me," Riley Principal JoAnn Blevins says.

Blevins knew something had to change. Her solution was to adopt a different approach to discipline. called the trauma informed approach.

"In a trauma informed approach instead of thinking about what's going to happen to the student, we think about what is that behavior trying to tell us," Blevins says.

The new approach doesn't mean students don't ever receive punishment for their actions. But first, students are sent to a quiet corner where they have the opportunity to take the time to cool down and figure out an appropriate response.

"We are teaching conflict resolution. We are teaching how to recognize when we are getting frustrated, when we are getting angry," Blevins says. "And instead of lashing out at someone else, what are things we can do to calm ourselves to regulate our emotions and respond in the right way?"

At Riley Elementary School, the new approach seems to be working. Student Support Coach Beth Rein says more students are asking their teachers for breaks before situations escalate.

At the end of the day, teachers say they just want their students to be the best they can be.

"My hope is that by changing the way we respond to kids and teaching kids about their brain and teaching kids how they are feeling and different responses they can take, that kids learn how to take care of themselves and ask for what they need, but also that they stay in school," Blevins says.

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