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Grade A 10-23-06 09:28 PM

Reputation Points...What does this mean???
When I see my number of posts, beside it has black mark that reads, I have a disabled reputation. What does that mean?

Andrew 10-23-06 09:33 PM

If someone makes a nice post another user can give reputation points to that user. Or if turned on, take away reputation points for bad posts.

The more a user is online, the longer he is a member, and the more a user posts, the higher the reputation points will be. And based on their reputation they can get more or less points on top of that.

Check your User CP to turn reputation points on

Also see:

Grade A 10-23-06 09:41 PM

Thanks Andrew,

VisualImagery 10-23-06 09:49 PM

Is this a newer feature? I feel like I fell off a turnip truck! Thanks for posting this! It is a really wonderful idea and a nice way to say thanks to people who go above and beyond to help someone!


Grade A 10-23-06 09:55 PM

Oh now I am on a digtinguished road, I am happy thanks guys.

You are right Raddmom, it is very nice.

Andrew 10-23-06 09:57 PM

Its a feature we had turned off for a long while...we decided to turn it back on (Thanks Andi)

Additional notes...

The amount of reputation points that you can give is directly related to the number of reputation points you have.

If you have 500 reputation points, you can give another user more reputation points than if you only had 50 reputation points. The better your reputation, the more important your opinion of other people's reputation is.

When you registered, number of posts, and your reputation count are all multipliers.

Andrew 10-23-06 10:03 PM

If the dot is black, the user has turned off their reputation count in the User CP

SolarLife 10-24-06 01:14 AM

Almost Panicked!
I saw my black dot and almost panicked! I thought, what did I do wrong to earn a black mark??? I'm very sensitive, you know :eyebrow:.

I think it's a good idea :rolleyes:.

Andrew 10-24-06 07:20 AM

The ONLY thing a black dot means is that the user has the reputation option turned off in their User CP. Think of it as a light...if the light is off (user has reputation disabled), the reputation marker looks black. If the light is on (reputation option is turned on in the User CP)...they look green.

I hope this clarifies the reputation system for everyone.

meadd823 10-24-06 10:03 PM

Asking as a long term member. . . . . .

This feature must have been turned off for quite a while because I have never heard of this before and I have been a member for some time.(searching for one of my post wondering How long I have been a member here?-May 2004-whew it has been a while)

I do understand it may have been on when I first joined but I simply failed to notice. . . . or failed to remember, both?

Uncertainty one of the joys of having an ADD memory.

Thanks for explaining this Andrew.

*~ žEEK ~* 10-24-06 10:17 PM

Ok, so you click on the scales (next to the post # in the thread) to add to someones "Reputation"!

Got it now! :)

meadd823 10-24-06 10:21 PM

Hey guys when I place my pointer over these green boxes and just leave it there with out clicking little notes appear on screen. . . .like Andrew has much to be proud of.

Thought this may prove interesting to fellow ADDers. . . . .okay it was a discovery for me, I am easily entertained.

VisualImagery 10-24-06 10:28 PM

It is kind of like a fortune cookie! :) and you know what to say after reading a fortune cookie paper don't you? :D


*~ žEEK ~* 10-24-06 10:44 PM

What color does it turn to when you go into the negative reputation numbers??? LOL :D

EYEFORGOT 10-24-06 11:12 PM

Don't know. Can I experiment on you? :p

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