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ooNCoo 06-07-20 06:22 AM

Reaching Out
Hello everyone.
First post :o)

45 years old / Male / Undiagnosed

I'm posting here because I need to figure out how to escape or better manage my confusion. I'm not entirely clear on how to explain myself to others or what it is I'm expecting specifically. I can to these feelings since childhood.

Here's my day so far.

I wake up in the morning wanting to engage in life. I feel aware of some of the projects I have on but they're not clear in my head. It's almost like I'm trying to remember scattered, distant memories when it was only yesterday that I was thinking, talking, planning things that need to be done. I need clarity.

I begin to wonder how I can be more structured and organized with my thoughts and actions, so I make some notes to categorise the type of thing I need to capture and I'm vaguely aware that I must have done this many times before. Sure enough I find my previous notes and then wonder why this too has been parked somewhere in my mind that's difficult to find. It feels like I'm always stuck at the first step of getting things done.

My focus shifts. I read up on ADHD because I want to understand more and learn how to cope better. I rarely make it a few sentences before I realize I have no idea what I've just read. It's like a never ending game of snakes and ladders.

I eventually make notes of key takeaway points that I hope can help, but I wonder whether I will ever read them again or maybe next week I'll stumble across the same article because I've googled the same thing, again.

I decide I need to talk to someone but who? Do I need face to face councilling with someone who really understands my mind more than I do?

I look at my to do list and see 'ADHD Forum'. This has been in my list for weeks. So here I am.

I'm not clear what I should be asking about, I just feel like I need to be part of a tribe and not feeling alone and confused in my thoughts any longer. It would be good to share coping strategies.

The constant cycle I'm going though is affecting my mental health more than usual and judgemental comments from other people about my failure to focus on projects isn't helping.

I feel like I'm looking though a pinhole and I can only see one thing at a time. I know other thoughts are there but I need to move the pinhole around in order to find them whilst moving it back to the previous thought to check what it was.

I wonder if others relate to this.

I look forward to getting to know you all.


namazu 06-07-20 01:09 PM

Re: Reaching Out

Members here have a wide array of experiences, so we can probably tell you about our approaches to specific problems -- but I also find that one of the best features of this place is simply knowing you're not alone.

Glad you found us!

acdc01 06-07-20 07:41 PM

Re: Reaching Out
I'd recommend seeing a general physician and a psychiatrist about this.

I'm concerned your issues may stem from a physical disease which the general physician could identify (although yiu do have some adhd symptoms i can relate to). Although if it's a mental illness, general physicians aren't always the best in diagnosing mental illnesses so I would see a psychiatrist as well.

Welcome to the forum.

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