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hipsterdoofus 07-31-18 03:34 PM

Physical hyperactivity in adults
I've read many times that it's uncommon for adults with ADHD to outwardly display their hyperactivity but instead they feel internally restless. I'm in my 20's but I never 'outgrew' it; I'm still fidgety, I frequently get up out of my seat, I talk really fast, etc. I'm constantly in motion and it gives people the impression that I'm incredibly anxious.

Does anyone else still experience physical hyperactivity as an adult? If so, do you feel that fidget toys, exercise, or anything else help you?

tudorose 08-01-18 12:37 AM

Re: Physical hyperactivity in adults
I was dx because of hyperactivity. I used to exercise to exhaustion. Buy a bike.

It's not an issue anymore since I now have a chronic illness so I'm too tired to be capable of being physically hyper anymore

CharlesH 08-01-18 07:40 AM

Re: Physical hyperactivity in adults
My guess is ADHD people learn to internalize their hyperactivity because they pick up from social cues that society doesn't tolerate it. Maybe you're surrounded by people that are more tolerant of your hyperactivity? Or perhaps you are missing their social cues/don't care? Nothing wrong with that, as long as it's working for you!

sarahsweets 08-01-18 09:29 AM

Re: Physical hyperactivity in adults
I am very physically fidgety and mentally too. I have dythskinesia(sp) which is associated with some of my meds and an autoimmune disease but I have always had the issues sitting still. When I go to an AA meeting and someone who doesnt know me sits next to me I warn them that I have ants in my pants and it wont offend me if they cant stand it and need to move. My friends get it and are used to it. I've taken up coloring in my swearing adult coloring book during meetings because I actually listen better and sit more still---if that makes any sense. I am also bipolar II so in the beginning I had to learn the difference between racing thoughts due to mania and a constantly turning mind due to the mental hyperactivity from adhd. I firmly believe there is such a thing as mental hyperactivity. I do not know if science supports my belief or not. A lot of it can be what I call return ruminations. What I mean is I've thought something to death and made my decision of choice and I'll put it away..but then at the worst moment it will creep back in and interrupt something I am doing. And it doesnt have to be something bad. It can be as simple as remembering to mail a package the next day but when it pops into your mind when you are trying to have sex, you can see the problem.

DieselFreak 08-01-18 11:55 AM

Re: Physical hyperactivity in adults
I'm in my late 20's and I believe I do experience very mild hyperactivity from ADHD, but it could be related to having anxiety. It's mostly internal but if I'm around the right people I can get "wound up" and physically hyper at times still.
What I believe to be the internalized part of the hyperactivity would is what I would explain as the feeling that I always have to be doing something, and when I have to sit still against my will, it can turn into anxiety and I can get distracted by the thoughts of what I am wanting to do vs sitting still.

Rebelyell 08-01-18 01:10 PM

Re: Physical hyperactivity in adults
Yes I'm like tigger especially if I'm happy and feel comfortable around one.I'm all over the damn place I've been accused of being on a certain drug or called shot out like a rocket also called energized bunny etc lol

ToneTone 08-03-18 10:42 PM

Re: Physical hyperactivity in adults
Probably what I do is eat to distract myself and do other things ...

So I'm not fidgety ... though I do move around a lot ... and put me in a boring meeting, and I'm fidgety.

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