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BellaVita 01-04-17 06:55 AM

Ideas for fixing sensory issues
This thread is the post your different ideas on how to fix/lessen sensory issues you experience.

Here are some things I've done to help alleviate some of my sensory issues:
- I wear 32db earplugs when going to sleep and just throughout the day. Especially when going into stores or in public this is much needed. I had no idea how much regular noise overstimulates me and causes me anxiety.

- I wear a sleeping mask to bed most nights because I am sensitive to the sunlight and I don't sleep as well without my eyes covered.

- Brushing my teeth was something and still is a thing I struggle with because of the sensory issues it causes me. But I have found a soft bristled toothbrush that is less harsh on my teeth and gums, and I use kids bubblegum toothpaste because it isn't as strong and doesn't hurt as much as adults peppermint toothpaste.

- The lights and fan in the bathroom overload me, so I put a night light in and use that instead, and that really helps with my bathroom sensory overload. It really reduces my anxiety and makes the bathroom experience more pleasant. I don't feel so overloaded anymore and I had no idea how much it was stressing me until I switched and only use a night light now.

- I can't stand it when towels and my clothes in general are dried just without anything to make them softer, it scratches my skin and irritates me. So I throw in unscented fabric softener sheets in the dryer with the clothes, towels, blankets etc.

What are some things that you do to help lessen sensory issues and overload?

Little Missy 01-04-17 10:00 AM

Re: Ideas for fixing sensory issues
If I really dance this one off I can be pretty good for the day. As long as I do not encounter any smells.

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stef 01-04-17 10:13 AM

Re: Ideas for fixing sensory issues
Definitely, lower light in the bathroom (I just switch on the light over the sink in the evening, otherwise I feel like I have to get ready for work)

Everything, soft and comfortable.
If I even have to ask "but is this actually comfortable? ", I just won't get it in the first place, because I will never wear it more than once.

plush blankets :)

At work, have lunch a bit late, so there's less of a line and then less noise when I'm eating.

Little Missy 01-04-17 10:24 AM

Re: Ideas for fixing sensory issues
Heat on in a car or in a home causes me great distress so I wear a lot of clothing to compensate and only use the heat or defrosters in the car to alleviate frost on the windshield. Sometimes just shopping in a store with heat on causes me to leave immediately. Same with air conditioning. It makes me feel as though I am unable to breathe and I struggle to do so.

I disconnected the fan from the lights in the bathroom because I hate hearing a fan. I only turn on the above the mirror lights that frame the top of the mirror and I exchanged the bulbs for the smallest wattage. High wattage bulbs feel like they burn my skin.

I would love to be able to use a softener on my clothing but even the unscented ones burn my skin when I touch the clothing afterwards.

I have so many sensory problems that unfortunately I have found myself to be more comfortable not interacting publicly at all.

aeon 01-04-17 12:42 PM

Re: Ideas for fixing sensory issues
- nothing made with soybean oil...that taste...blech, horrid.

- no artificial flavors

- music must be loud, lesser volumes annoy the living **** out of me

- polyester sucks...give me natural fibers - cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, wool, anything but polyester

- rip tags out of clothes if they ever present themselves as bothersome

- HB4 pencil scratch...smooth...dark...yes

- moisturizer, year-round...dry paws and claws induce suffering of a mental sort

- always avoid smell of popcorn being made

- unscented everything, except Downy (I know, weird, right?)

- unscented soap, coconut castile, or L’Occitane Lemon Verbena only, no exceptions

- sweaters? haha, never...or, no...

- heat in the car only to defrost and make it less cold, but no feeling of heat, god no

- most parfums/scents are just nasty, but why is Chanel so...right?

- 2600K-3200K incandescent low-watt for home relaxation

I am sure I am forgetting things.


Pvlees 03-22-17 01:50 AM

Re: Ideas for fixing sensory issues
Replace all brightly colored things with a toned down version.
My 33 month old son is SPD/ASD and his meltdowns were getting super violent.
Out of desperation I removed everything solid RED, yellow and orange throughout the whole dang house. Toys, blankets, cups etc. Holy moly- his meltdowns have noticeably reduced! I completely changed his bathroom decor from "KIDS" to tranquil...He lets me wash his hair with moderate protest.

oh! and we use sunglasses when we go shopping.
Soft colors/not too much white and sunglasses.
Hope that helps :cool:

Lunacie 03-22-17 11:59 AM

Re: Ideas for fixing sensory issues
Bright light ... ARGHHH! Curtains on all the windows. Wish I could have curtains
on car windows. I wear sunglasses but when the sun catches a windshield or
bit of chrome it feels like it's stabbing me in the eye. Actually painful.

Clothing, only things that are soft. No polyester. OMG no pantyhose.

Smells ... not because I don't like them, but because I have an actual allergy
that sometimes turns into a neurological reaction that Is Not Fun.

Shoes ... can't stand any that rub my heels. Wear Crocs. Or moccasins.

Peppermint ... both the smell and the taste make me vomit.

I use a baby toothbrush, very soft, no toothpaste at all.

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