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PI-ADHD 29 01-27-19 04:11 AM

Do you laugh easily?
I've found a quiz of Dr. Edward Hallowell (to my knowledge he's also adhd) at https://themacroscope.files.wordpres...-quiz-pg-4.jpg
There are very interesting determinations. Most of questions suit me. I answered most of questions as yes.
One of question is 'do you laugh easily?'. Another similar question is 'do you sometimes smile in conversation in hopes that it will be a sufficient contribution,becuse you have totally lost track of what is being talking about?'
My answers are 'absolutly yes' for both of questions.
What about you?

PoppnNSailinMan 01-27-19 05:11 AM

Re: Do you laugh easily?
I laugh easily, too. In fact, I often laugh when I shouldn't when I'm talking about something bad that happened to me or about something tragic in the news. Occasionally, people are a little confused and will say, "Why are you laughing?" In my case it's probably what is called "nervous laughter". Here's some of what Wikipedia has to say about "nervous laughter":


Nervous laughter is a physical reaction to stress, tension, confusion, or anxiety. Neuroscientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran states "We have nervous laughter because we want to make ourselves think what horrible thing we encountered isn't really as horrible as it appears, something we want to believe."

People laugh when they need to project dignity and control during times of stress and anxiety. In these situations, people usually laugh in a subconscious attempt to reduce stress and calm down, however, it often works otherwise. Nervous laughter is often considered fake laughter and even heightens the awkwardness of the situation....

People may laugh nervously when exposed to stress due to witnessing others' pain....

If the individual is shy or bashful and appears nervous when talking, they are likely to exhibit nervous laughter. Individuals who are shy and introverted who find themselves the center of conversational attention often become "giddy" with nervous laughter; this is a subconscious response caused by the brain over-thinking due to social anxiety or inexperience.
It's kind of embarrassing when I laugh at inappropriate times.

stef 01-27-19 05:44 AM

Re: Do you laugh easily?
Yes to both!

I love when someone says something genuinely funny and always laugh; I especially do the smiling thing with a group of friends, because I've lost track of the conversation, or there are 2 conversations going on, and I'm sitting there and suddenly it looks like a scene from a film, and I just kind of fondly gaze at them.

Greyhound1 01-27-19 12:20 PM

Re: Do you laugh easily?
Yes to everything except having recurrent dreams of walking around naked and being mortified. #117. I’m not sure how or why it relates to ADHD. Seems like it could also be related to self confidence, self esteem or self image.

Most of the others were dead on. Especially, laughing easily and smiling like a Cheshire Cat during boring conversations when I’m not paying attention.

Daniel1970 01-31-19 12:55 PM

Re: Do you laugh easily?
I've gotten better at focusing when people talk to me. The Vyvanse helps, especially at work, and meditation too.

But oh lord if there's something interesting on my laptop or the TV and someone keeps talking; my natural inclination is to try to do both at once, especially if there's no way to pause what's on the screen, and the person talking to me becomes a sort of Charlie Brown's-teacher voice in the background! lol

Andi 01-31-19 12:59 PM

Re: Do you laugh easily?
I can't say I laugh easily. I'm more of a chuckle person and rarely bust out laughing. But when I do...omg, reign it in lady. But I so totally smile in a conversation and nod, as if that is enough to participate. Absolutely find myself drifting while I do it.

belljohn330 02-01-19 01:17 AM

Re: Do you laugh easily?
People who are good-natured, those who are relaxed & accepting life as it is laughed easier. They are ready to learn to be amazed, they are curious.

Thank you.

tudorose 02-01-19 02:38 AM

Re: Do you laugh easily?
Not for a long time. Lost my spark a long time ago and never got it back.

soulsearcher 02-05-19 10:35 PM

Re: Do you laugh easily?
i tend to take life quite serious even though I know i shouldn't but what happens to me is when i laugh i really do laugh and it tends to loop in my head and i cant stop.
Once I was at sprituist church and my uncle got a message and i could not stop laughthing even though it was not funny

I had to go out side and take deep breaths it was embaressing to this day i have no idea why.

it does matter where i am. once there was a guy who had ADHD and i just got set off and me and him could not stop laughing no one else thought it was funny it was very strange.

also people say I smile at them but i am not aware of it and it has caused a few issues in the past.

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