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gekkehenkie 11-30-17 05:31 AM

Diagnosed at 40+ Netherlands
40+ Male, living in the Netherlands. Went to see a psychologist in March this year due to having panic attacks. It took a while when she suggested ADHD could be in play (based on my life story and symptoms I showed). Then I had two extended interviews with differen psychologists, my SO got interviewed as well and then I saw a psychiatrist.

Got diagnosed with Panic Disorder and ADHD combined (classis example by the words of my pschiatrist (ADHD Expert)). Didn't took her long: I either talk fast or can't find the words, move fast regardless my physhique, think fast, look at the negatives rather then positives, eye contact not when I need to think about what to say, fidgetting all the time.

My environment doesn't see the ADHD as a problem, so I felt it wasn't a problem. The PD was and is. However, of course I procrastinate, drift of in thoughts and quite often when I'm overloaded with impressions I turn very much into myself and then the anxiety takes over. Some times I can snap out of it, other times I just want to sleep. And that kept frustrating me, so we decided to deal with the anxiety first.

Currently on escitalopram (week 4). Effect so far: less frustrated and I'm finally accepting the diagnosis (also due to talks with my pschologist; she really knows how to make me think and deal with stuff I'ld usually supress or ignore).

Not sure if I will use medication for ADHD in the future: for now we (my SO and co-workers) manage by keeping me accountable and remind me often of things I should do.

Jaykay8 01-18-18 10:38 PM

Re: Diagnosed at 40+ Netherlands
hi there I completely relate: diagnosed at 40 with adult adhd + "generalised anxiety disorder" which should really be 'panic disorder'. Struggled with panic attacks & anxiety all my life. Now I finally know what caused them: undiagnosed adhd.

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