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soulsearcher 10-22-18 11:47 AM

Music Looping
Hello Everyone I am 40 year old male I am currently have a ADHD Diagnosis Pending Wich i scored very high for.

My question is how many of you have constant music looping in your head ever since i can remember.

I just thought this was normal its just like having my own jukebox not sure if my brain does it for some sort of stimulation.

I do like club music and techno types but its all music even when i hear music in shops the songs can play for days.

I have found a way to sort of stop it and its Binaural Beats Focus Music as my brain can't remember it

Anyone else get this I am interested to know

Thanks for Reading

lisariver 10-22-18 12:02 PM

Re: Music Looping
my brother gets that. last time he told me about it, he was hearing big band music. pretty strange phenomena. I will have to ask him if he still gets it.

psychopathetic 10-22-18 03:01 PM

Re: Music Looping
Do you take meds...and do they get rid of this?

I get this...but it's not constant. Maybe it's not the same thing. It's something that comes and goes though and I've been doing it a lot the last couple of weeks.

Where I have a song stuck in my head...or just a very short clip of the song. And it plays over and over, and I can't get enough of it.
Then if I'm sitting or laying around not really doing anything...I feel like I HAVE to hum it. And it's like there's this ball of energy and anxiety in my's uncomfortable and sometimes hurts...but the humming vibrates the ball and for some reason makes it feel a little bit better.
So then I'll start humming really loudly and with a lot of force.
And I can do this for hours. I've been doing this since I was at least a teen (I don't remember if I did this or not as a kid).

Does this sound completely different to you? Or do you relate with this?

Messamphetamine 10-23-18 03:46 AM

Re: Music Looping
Many people experience some version of getting a peice of a song stuck in their head, it's called an "earworm," and can be very annoying. Oliver Sacks wrote about it in his book, Musicophilia.

It seems like a lot of musical people hear music in their head most of the time. I do, but it's not distracting and doesn't bother me. Are you interested in music?

soulsearcher 10-23-18 07:40 AM

Re: Music Looping
Thanks for your replies people I don't read or play music but i, do like all music.

I get music playing nealy 247 nothing new for me been there all my life but I have noticed that when i listen to music

I normally get hyper so i have been trying not to listen to it lately
Binaural Beats Focus Music works well to for me as the brain cant really remember it I found someone that has ADHD and they had the same and they said it stopped with medication so not sure

lisariver 10-23-18 08:05 AM

Re: Music Looping
my brother said his mostly went away with less stress and modifying his meds. His was like a radio was playing, minus the dj and the whole song. It made me think of Seinfeld episode where Frank Costanza keeps yelling about hearing a radio that no one else hears. I tried to find the clip but couldn't. :(

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