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blueyemass1979 10-18-04 06:57 PM

Countries in which Adderall is sold and/or legal?
I want to make a list of a) countries into which you can legally bring Adderall; b) countries in which Adderall (esp. Adderall XR) is actually sold.

"A" countries (so far): US, Mexico (Canada?)
"B" countries (so far): US, (Canada?), Uruguay (? this is based on a post in the main forum; I haven't checked it yet).

Are there any other countries where Adderall XR is definitely available?

I love international travel and I love being sane while on Adderall. But, it looks like the two may not be compatible.

Apparantly, while it's legal to bring Adderall into Mexico, the drug is not sold there (the Ritalin formulations are available but they do not work for me at all), based on an ADHD committee person I emailed.

Is there a master list of what medications are sold in a country?

barbaradoll 10-19-04 11:35 AM

Just to let you know, Adderall XR IS available in Canada.

Hope this helps.

andocrates 10-19-04 12:25 PM

But, it's a subjective question. You can get it in Japan but you can't get tums or Rolaids or stick (solid) deodorant. It has more to do with market conditions. i.e. Shire's market share. A country might have something with a different name. I don't think there are many countries which outright ban medical amphetamines.

paulbf 10-19-04 12:29 PM

You check with the World Health Organization (W.H.O.). They coordinate a lot of that sort of thing.

Gregster 10-19-04 02:50 PM

You can only get the XR version of Adderall in Canada, the last time I checked. Regular release isn't sold here (yet?)

blueyemass1979 10-19-04 11:33 PM

Actually, now that I've thought about it and looked into it, the whole thing is so complicated that I've decided to give up on Adderall in favor of something that does not expose me to having "addict" whispered around me, that I don't need to get renewed each month, and that I don't have to hesitate about travelling with.

If you love to travel extensively (I mean, spending months at a time overseas), I can't imagine how you would be able to handle it with stimulant meds. I would be ruined with stress over whether I could find a doctor who would deign to prescribe them. As it is, I would be pretty stressed out if the doctor suddenly decided to play God, declaring a "medication holiday" that conveniently coincided with him being caught out of town without his prescription pad.

That's not the kind of freedom I had hoped to obtain from my diagnosis.

andocrates 10-20-04 12:00 AM

I was in Japan for 3 months, I had no problems. Bring what you need for your stay.

douglasb52 10-24-04 10:12 PM

I bought Ritalin in Mexico for a couple of years and used it and thought it was about the same as you get here in the USA. It's made by Novartis and has the little "CIBA" stamp on each tablet. It's about $25 for 30 10mg tablets, a little expensive, but a script is only $10, and it's virtually sold over the counter though it may require a little pharmacy shopping. I live in San Diego and this was in Tijuana.

They also have Provigil for ADD. In the DEF, the Mexican equivalent of the PDR, those are the only two meds listed for ADD. Adderall may make it eventually, but the Mexicans have been reluctant to add any amphetamine back into the legal market, probably due to the DEA. The fact is, with very little searching, all drugs are available over the counter in Mexican farmacias.

baj41 04-25-09 11:21 PM

Re: Countries in which Adderall is sold and/or legal?
Can I buy adderall online? I mean has anyone actually did it and has the experience? Its really expensive seeing the doc every month.

Kerstin 04-27-09 12:25 AM

Re: Countries in which Adderall is sold and/or legal?

Originally Posted by baj41 (Post 734269)
Can I buy adderall online? I mean has anyone actually did it and has the experience? Its really expensive seeing the doc every month.

I was kind of confused by your post. Do you want the Adderall filled online or are you looking for a prescription online?

Under no conditions should you buy Adderall from online sources that say they can provide a prescription and send you the Adderall. This is illegal and dangerous, as you have no idea if they are actually sending you real Adderall or just something they say is Adderall.

You can't get Adderall from a legal pharmacy in Canada.

Some people in the forum have mentioned being about the get their insurance company to send them their medicine, but this seems to be a limited number of insurance companies and I have no idea how it works.

As far as your doctor goes, do you HAVE to see him/her every month to get a prescription? My doctor just makes me come in every 6 months for a check up, and I pick up my prescription from her office every month without an appointment. If your doctor is having you come in, try talking to him/her about your concerns over money and maybe he/she will make you come in less often. If money is very tight to the point you cannot afford doctors visits every month, you might want to find a doctor who only requires you to come in every few months or something.

Good luck!

holden 05-11-09 04:44 PM

Re: Countries in which Adderall is sold and/or legal?
I recently brought adderall into Italy on my honeymoon. No problem at all.

LittlePrincess 05-13-09 01:48 PM

Re: Countries in which Adderall is sold and/or legal?
I know that Adderall is not available (legal) in some countries, but if it's your MEDICATION, which was obtained by LEGAL prescription, I don't believe you would be under criminal charges. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but that just sounds ridiculous. Unless maybe you're being an idiot by bringing like a 3-month supply with you on a 1-week trip.

When I travel with my Adderall, I only bring with me the amount I'll need over the course of the trip (plus a few extra just in case). I keep them in their ORIGINAL prescription bottle and in my carry-on bag.

wiredgirl 05-13-09 06:22 PM

Re: Countries in which Adderall is sold and/or legal?
^^ yeah, that's my plan for an overseas trip I'm taking this summer. I am going to take it in my prescription bottle in my carry-on. Will customs actually examine it? I am not concerned about legality, but I will be sort of embarrassed if they question it because I will be with a large tour group.

BehindTheSofa 05-13-09 07:39 PM

Re: Countries in which Adderall is sold and/or legal?
It depends on the length of your trip. For a short stay, say 2 weeks, work out how many you need and take it in it's original packaging. I went to Spain last month (5 day trip) and was fine with my Dex. Although I was totally paranoid about taking it as I was imaging some sort of Bridget Jones situation. Before going I asked the pharmacist to photocopy the script so I had further proof that they were mine.

I don't know if it's the same in America but British airlines appear to be quite strict about traveling with medication - only take what you need, have proof they're yours (especially if they are a controlled substance), put them in a clear bag, put them through the scanner separately to your hand luggage. In reality, security didn't take any notice of the fact that I was taking Dex with me and didn't ask to look at any proof etc! There was a woman behind me with what looked like half a pharmacy in her bag and she had no problems either.

BUT, it might not be like that everywhere.

I would suggest looking at you airline's website, and see what they want you to do regarding medications. If you're concerned about the return journey then you should contact the Embassy/High Commission/Consulate (of the country you're visiting) in your country and find out whether they allow visitors to bring controlled substances into their country.

If you're going to be over there for a few months you may need to apply for a special license to carry a larger quantity of CS meds with you, as we do here in the UK. The best thing would be to contact you government's version of our Home Office (sorry, international politics isn't one of my strong points!). Just to give you an idea, this is what the Home Office and the National Health Service advise British travellers:

If you are worried about the others seeing your meds how about being the last one to go through security? That way, theoretically, the others will be on their way to the departure lounge and not watching you.

LittlePrincess 05-13-09 11:30 PM

Re: Countries in which Adderall is sold and/or legal?
Well, as always- It's better to be safe than sorry.

With that in mind, please don't worry yourself *TOO* much. You don't want to have a panic attack right there in the security line b/c you're worried about your 10 Adderall tabs in your purse.

I would say that under NORMAL circumstances, and taking only what you need, in original containers, in carry-on, etc., 99% of the time, security won't think twice about it, and you won't even be questioned.

Just my 2 cents :)

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